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      Hendersonville NC was a rich, rolling uninhabited Cherokee hunting ground before Revolutionary war soldier William Mills "discovered" it in the late 1780s. He received one of the first land grants west of the Blue Ridge and established it to later become the thriving community it is today.

      Hendersonville NC Vacationland 

      Hendersonville NC Real EstateHaving easy access from the lowlands, Hendersonville became a vacation spot for people to spend the summer because of the area’s invigorating climate. Industrial development became an important aspect of economy after World War II, with the founding of the Chamber of Commerce program. As a result, the economic base today is manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and retirement development. Henderson County has long been known for its thriving apple orchards and leads the state in apple production as orchards, continue to spread up and down the hillsides. Hendersonville is known as being a quaint retiree town that plays host to summer tourism, apple orchards, children’s summer camps and equestrian farms. Asheville NC is only minutes away from the town of Hendersonville.

      The Town of Hendersonville NC

      Situated in beautiful Henderson County, the town of Hendersonville is a jewel to be discovered in the western portion of North Carolina. The town boasts a scenic location like no other. At over two thousand feet in altitude, Hendersonville rests atop a mountain plateau with views as far as the eye can see. One side of the town the Great Smoky Mountains rise into the sky and, on the other, you can see the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains. With these natural wonders acting as buffers, residents of Hendersonville enjoy four seasons that remain fairly temperate throughout the year. While the mountains create a breathtaking backdrop to life in Hendersonville, its historic Downtown district is the focal point to the community. It is here that you will find the majority of Hendersonville's artistic and cultural offerings, civic groups and social activities. This is a fantastic destination to while away an afternoon, strolling along eminently walk able streets, shopping, dining, and taking in the abundant charm all around you.

      Hendersonville NC Home Welcoming

      Newcomers to Hendersonville are delighted by the town's warm and welcoming environment. They are also pleased to learn that Hendersonville maintains a strong local economy, top-notch public school system, safe and secure residential neighborhoods, well-maintained public areas, and a great real estate market. Homes and land are very affordable in Hendersonville North Carolina if compared to other parts of this country.

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      Call Green Mountain Realty at (828)-215-9064 or contact us for Hendersonville NC real estate homes and land.

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