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      Asheville Home Selling Process

      Prior to Placing Your Asheville Home on the Market

      Prior to placing your Asheville real estate on the market, you will want to find a good real estate agent. A good real estate agent has their thumb on the market and can give you invaluable advice that is designed to save you a lot of time and energy. Once you have an agent they can help to evaluate the value of your home to ensure you get the best price. One of the items you want to look at are some of the pre marketing improvements.

      Most of the time people are first time buyers or end up selling their first home to purchase a new one. Either way you should make sure to have your financing arranged well beforehand, which is something a real estate agent helps to facilitate. Real estate agents can also help with previewing homes to get a baseline of your future options.

      Asheville NC Real Estate

      Asheville Home Marketing Period

      Your home is officially in the marketing period after you place it on the market. Although it seems obvious enough, a critical component to this is making sure your house is always in good enough condition to show. This can be a challenge if you are living and working at the same time. There are invaluable tips and advice that your real estate agent can give you regarding how to coordinate the actual showings. Of course your agent will make sure your home is not only properly listed in the Multiple Listing Service but that it is described and shown in the best possible light. The length of time that your home stays in the marketing period can vary. Sometimes it is only days before you get to negotiations and then accept a final offer. This is not always the case though and you should be prepared for any length of time.

      Asheville Home Under Contract Period

      The time after which you have officially accepted an offer is when your home is under contract. It is during this period that you will want to prepare for the home inspection. It is key to facilitate the inspection process by making all necessary inspection points accessible to inspector such attic access, knee wall storage, and access to heating appliances and breaker box. Once the inspection is done, you still want to be on your toes as the Appraiser comes through next (usually 1-3 weeks after contract acceptance). Your real estate agent will contact your attorney at this point so they can open a file. Although the attorney may open the file, nothing is done until loan approval at which point they will prepare a new deed in the buyers name. This is where prequalification can help shorten the time to wait as otherwise the buyer will have to get a loan approved which can sometimes take awhile. This can be an interesting time period if you are waiting on the loan money to come through to purchase your own property elsewhere. Once all is good, your agent notifies the attorney to prepare the deed. Which brings you to the final part of the process appropriately called, “the closing” (see “Seller’s closing week Checklist”). Just remember that you will want to cancel homeowners insurance after closing occurs.

      Selling Asheville Homes

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