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      Preparing Your Home for Showing

      When you put your Asheville NC house up for sale you are going to be scheduling time for people to come and view the house. An important process is preparing your home for the prospective buyer. A quick vacumming and wipedown are sometimes viewed as enough. Preparing your home to show is often an art that, when done correctly, can greatly improve the chances of your home being purchased. Hard to measure, but something that goes a long way towards making your house sell, is the feeling that a prospective buyer gets from the visit. Consider some of the notes below and add some of your own, for the different areas of your home you will need to prepare. Washing the windows inside and out along with using all available natural light are two things that are univeral to all the areas covered.

      Preparing the Kitchen

      On average, people spend a good amount of time in the kitchen and it is considered one of the central parts of a home. Take the time to clear all the personal clutter and photos from your refrigerator. In order to show how much space you have, you want to clear the counter tops of everything except a bowl with some choice pieces of fruit for display. Pack away things in your cupboards into another storage area. Having items out of the cupboards makes them appear spacious. You obviously want a clean stove, empty sink, empty waste basket, and have everything on the walls taken off. Lighting is important so make sure you leave the lights on and have the drapes and blinds open. An added bonus is to consider baking some good bread or cookies so that there is a nice fragrance to the room. You want to avoid cooking anything else so that the smell won’t affect the visit.

      Preparing the Baths

      The bathrooms are another place that people spend a lot of time and so, on average, you should be a little more detail oriented about. Obviously you will want to take care of having the toilet seat down, clean mirror, clean bathtub and/or shower including the door or curtain, and empting the waste basket. Fresh tp and tissue are an automatic but so should organizing the storage areas, using fresh soap and arranging the towels just right. Keep the lights on and blinds open especially if you don't get a lot of natural light. Since there are some that are sensitive to the fragrance of air fresheners, they should be used with some caution.

      Preparing the Living areas

      Preparing the living areas offers a bit more creativity since there is such a huge variety and layouts. All carpets should be cleaned along with all flat surfaces. The natural layout and light should be played with in order to achieve the best look and feel. You can try storing some of the furniture if you are trying to make a room appear larger. Consider removing the personal photos from the area as it can be a bit distracting. That part really depends upon your level of comfort with people viewing your photos and the specific type of living area you have. Help influence the senses and have music in the background playing softly. Although your pets are great, you will want to strongly consider their staying elsewhere during the showing.

      Preparing the Bedrooms

      Bedrooms are such a personal space that it can be hard to really prepare them enough like you can with the rest of the home. You want to have the beds made, floor vacuumed, bureaus free of clutter, and closets organized and tidy. Be sure to use all available natural light including turning some on if you find the natural light is not enough.

      Preparing the Basement/Garage

      Basements and Garages can be quite different spaces, especially if it is a well used finished basement or a garage that has been modified as a work space. On average, these spaces tend to be looked at with a little less concern. You should still make sure you take care of vacuuming or sweeping out the area, organize it to be as tidy as possible, making sure to clear as much floor space as you are able. Important items that are sometimes overlooked include providing easy access to the furnace and main electrical panel, making sure to secure any loose wiring, and running a dehumidifier before if needed.

      Preparing the Exterior

      The exterior of the home is very unique not only for different times of the year but for the various landscaping configurations. In general you will want to mow the lawn, clear the drive, mulch landscaped areas, prune trees, trim edges, and remove all clutter from kids or pets. Some areas that are sometimes overlooked include clearing the gutters, making sure the entire exterior lights work, and having a good clean welcome mat. You could also go the extra mile and get some new hanging flower baskets and/or pots for the front area.

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