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      Home Buying process

      Before Making the Offer

      A good local Asheville real estate agent, to work closely with during the buying process, can help take away some of the stress and help ensure you are taking the right steps. Besides a good agent, you also want to make sure that your financing options and qualifications have been researched. A key part of that is to get prequalified for a loan which not only helps shorten the process once you find a home, it can also make a seller go with your bid over someone who isn't prequalified.

      Consider taking the time to write down what you need in a house combined with what you want or what your ideal would be before starting to look. Although there are some things that can change during the home search, at least you are armed with some rough ideas. Once you have some criteria, search online, view homes, keep looking and keeping notes, until you find your dream Asheville home.

      Asheville Realtors

      After offer is accepted

      Once you get to the point of finding a home and having an offer get accepted, your real work begins. Forwarding an accepted contract to your lender is one of the first steps so that they can begin the financing process and order an appraisal. At this point in the process an application fee is due. Home inspection is next on the list and is something you will need to wait to see the results. It is not unheard of for the home inspector to find things that need to be taken care of before the process can move forward. If you want to do something while you are waiting, you can research and get homeowners insurance quotes. A good attorney should be found right off so that a good working relationship can be established for when they deliver the accepted contract. Opening an initial file is what the attorney does right off but must wait until loan approval before doing anything else. Waiting for loan approval can vary and often lengthen the immediate home buying process, which is another reason to make sure you get prequalified for a loan.

      Final Real Estate Buying Process

      Once all of the above is in place, the attorney will begin a title search. The last part is the closing checklist (link to it). A full day should be allowed to attend the closing so if anything should come up it can be taken care of with less stress.

      Local Asheville Realtor Help

      Call us at (828)-215-9064 or contact Green Mountain Realty for more information about the Asheville home buying process.