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      Helping Buyers of Asheville Luxury Homes Save More

      We help buyers of Asheville Luxury Homes save more than they would have been able to do on their own when shopping for Asheville Real Estate. If you are buying Asheville Luxury Homes that are costing well over $500K then you may want us on your team. As luxury home custom builders, degreed engineers and probably the most experienced Realtors in this area we understand more about Asheville Luxury Homes and thus help our buyers save thousands more. Let us be your saviors and point you to the best luxury homes in the Asheville area.

      Gated does not mean Quality for Asheville Luxury Homes

      Just because homes you look at are in gated exclusive communities and cost over a mill does not in any way mean that they are quality homes. Homes are built to building code standards which have absolutely nothing to do with quality, only safety in most cases. We educate our clients as to why some Asheville Luxury Homes are better than others and then further educate them on how to negotiate better deals on the luxury homes they desire the most. Buying Asheville Real Estateand Asheville Luxury Homes can be tricky business, but not when Green Mountain Realty is on your team.
      Asheville Luxury Homes

      Saving Clients Thousands on Asheville Luxury Homes

      Looking at Asheville Luxury Homes to Assure Quality

      We look at everything from foundations to the overall fit and finish of Asheville Luxury Homes when we assist luxury home buyers in the Asheville area. There are usually many signs when a builder has done a sub standard job on a luxury home and we point those out to our buyers. Has the trim been notched out because the builder did not adequately plan for switchs, plumbing or return air ducts? There are so many things that will instantly clue us in on the fact the builder is or is not a great builder and we educate clients on how to look at Asheville Luxury Homes to assure they are looking at the better homes out there. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for Asheville Luxury Homes, condos, land and cabins.