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      Asheville North Carolina Homes for Less

      We help our clients and buyers get Asheville North Carolina Homes for less money. So just how do we help our clients get those Asheville North Carolina Homes for less? We have a very systematic approach of working with buyers of homes and properties here in Asheville North Carolina. We first take the time to sit down and understand our clients needs relative to the home they want. If the client knows nothing about the greater Asheville area we will spend more time so that they understand the physical layout of the area and homes or developments that are available on all sides of the area. We will point out things like distances to the Airport or to downtown areas and more. We want to make sure our clients have full knowledge of the area and home types when buying Asheville North Carolina Homes.

      Making a List of Asheville North Carolina Homes for showings

      We first tell our clients to do a drive by on each prospective home to determine if it has curb appeal or if they like the development. Many times buyers will not even want to pursue a home they have looked at on a listing once the drive by is done. Once we have a short list of prospective homes we then set up showings. A 24 hour period is usually needed to set up showings so we try to set up showings within a block of time on a given day. Once all of the prospective Asheville North Carolina Homes are reviewed and a walk through has been performed it is usually time to make an offer on the best home that our client has picked under our supervision and usually with our keen feedback as local developers and builders. We then go to work to get our clients the best deals on those Asheville North Carolina Homes.
      Asheville North Carolina Homes

      Asheville North Carolina Homes for Less

      Offer to Purchase on Asheville North Carolina Homes

      This is the part of the process where we really earn our money. We help our clients analyze Asheville North Carolina Homes top to bottom prior to making the offer. We look at comps, tax values, what the current seller paid for the home, motivation level of seller, issues with the home and more. We dig deep to put our clients and buyers in the best negotiation position possible when an offer is made. We plead the case as to why the offer is being made for a given amount on these Asheville North Carolina Homes. We try to take emotion out of the conversation and make the seller understand that our clients offer is a good and fair offer. We help our buyers get the best possible deals on Asheville North Carolina Homes and we enjoy the satisfaction of seeing our clients happy at the end of every home purchase. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for Asheville North Carolina Homes today.