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      Asheville Real Estate Brokers Saving Clients Money

      Let Green Mountain Realty be your Asheville real estate brokers for homes, land, condos and real estate here in the greater Asheville NC area. All Asheville real estate brokers do not have our resources as developers, licensed builders and brokers. We are certainly proud of the fact that we bring more services and knowledge to the table when it comes to buying homes and real estate in the Asheville area. As my real estate instructor has said for many years now; let your clients know the rules of the game before they enter the field. The first thing we do with clients interested in buying real estate is to review the document Working with Real Estate Agents. Asheville real estate brokers can either be working for the seller, the buyer, or in some cases both as a dual agent.

      Asheville Real Estate Brokers as Buyers Agents

      We are primarily buyers agents and represent buyers of homes and real estate here in the greater Asheville area. The listing agent is working for the seller and therefore owes their loyalty to the seller. We prefer to work with buyers and therefore owe our loyalty to the buyers of real estate here. Through an agreement in the multiple listing service the selling agent agrees to split commission with the buyers broker on real estate that is listed. Our commissions are never paid to us by our buyers. They always come from the seller of the real estate through this buyer broker commission agreement on each listing. Many buyers of real estate have an inclination to want to seek out the listing brokers when buying real estate. Remember, the listing agent is working for the seller.
      Asheville Real Estate Brokers

      Asheville Real Estate Brokers and Buyers Agents

      Asheville Real Estate Brokers Educating Our Clients

      As Asheville real estate brokers that work for our clients as buyers agents we try to find out as much about the real estate properties as possible and then help our clients get the absolute best deals on those properties. We are more than just experienced real estate brokers here at Green Mountain Realty in Asheville, we are also licensed luxury home builders that have an advanced knowledge of home construction which enables us to share more with our clients and thus help them find better homes for less money. We are strong negotiators that will find out things about homes, properties and real estate that put our buyers in better positions when it gets down to the final negotiations. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate here in the Asheville area.