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      Asheville Area Homes and Working with Buyers Agents

      Let Green Mountain Realty serve as your buyers agent for Asheville area homes. We love representing home buyers as their buyers agents so that they get access to more Asheville area homes and we can then help them get the home at the price they feel comfortable with. Listing agents are actually working for the seller and owe their loyalty to the seller as such. Many buyers will make the mistake of running to the listing broker in the hopes that they will get a better deal on the home. We cannot stress enough that the listing broker is working for the seller.

      We Show Asheville Area Homes and Help Our Buyers

      By working with Green Mountain Realty as your buyers agents you will have access to more Asheville area homes and to all properties available in this area and not just a few of our own listings. In fact, we do not care to even take sellers listings because we love serving as buyers agents, looking at all available properties for sale and then getting our clients the best homes at the best prices. Traditional brokers will focus on obtaining and promoting their own listings and as doing such may sell the property whereby they get to keep all of the commission paid by the seller. If we act as a buyers agent for a client, the listing firm is splitting commission with our firm in the transaction so our services are actually free to our buyers.
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      Asheville Area Homes and Buyers Agents

      Working with buyers on Asheville area homes

      With so many choices available for Asheville area homes why would anyone not want to secure an experienced buyers agent like us to work for them and in their best interests? We are much more than just your average Realtor and real estate brokers. We are degreed engineers, developers, custom home builders and experienced real estate brokers with a vast wealth of knowledge relative to homes and land that enable us to save our clients more on their purchases. We make friendships with every client we represent and enjoy helping our clients buy the best Asheville area homes at the best prices. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land, condos and real estate here in the greater Asheville area.