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      Save Energy on Asheville Homes with Green Upgrades

      Green home upgrades can be easy on existing homes here in the Asheville NC area. The WNC Green Building Council is a wealth of knowledge to existing home owners and to those thinking about building a healthy and energy efficient green home here in the area. Many people cannot afford to build or some are taking advantage of the current deals in the real estate market and buying up existing home stock in the area. Many Asheville area homes can be made into much more energy efficient homes by doing some easy weekend projects that really dont cost all that much and will yield home owners very quick paybacks, usually well less than one year in most cases.

      Greening up an existing home will save you plenty

      It all starts with reducing heat transfer in a home if you want to save energy and insulation along with better sealing of the home for less air infiltration is the cornerstone here. Most attics are accessible and it is quite easy to buy bagged insulation from one of our local big box stores and blow in additional insulation to go from say a code rated R-38 in the attic to R-60. Given the footprint of the home and attic size it is very easy to calculate the number of bags of insulation to buy. Next, you will want to perform an audit for air leaks in your home. Caulk and seal all leaks, to once again reduce heat transfer.  Asheville NC Green Homes are popular with buyers and the number one reason is because of energy efficiency.
      Asheville NC Green Home Upgrades

      Energy Saving Green Home Upgrades

      Neighbor Saves helps home owners with green upgrades

      The WNC Green Building Council has a new program where neighbors form small groups and take turns insulating, sealing and greening up each others homes on the weekend. This is a great program that enables you to work with a knowledge green professional and then get neighbors to help you do the work as you rotate from each others home. The program is called Neighbor Saves and is a great way to get to know your neighbors while making each others homes very energy efficient. You will add insulation, seal leaks, install more weather stripping, upgrade to CFLs or LED lighting, go with low flow faucets, shower heads and toilets and more to make your home as energy efficient as possible. They even have a local lender than will finance these upgrades interest free so you can use your savings to payback the small amount of borrowed money. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate here in the Asheville NC area.