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      Buying Asheville Homes and The Home Inspection Process

      Lets talk about the home inspection process when buying a home here in Asheville NC. After you have gone to contract on a home you will most likely want to get a home inspection done during your due diligence period. There are many reasons that we recommend the home inspection process to clients buying homes. A licensed home inspector will go through the home in great detail to determine any problems with the home relative to structural, mechanical systems, radon, possible termite damage and more. Homes may look good on the surface, but could have a host of problems that an average home buyer would not be aware of.

      The home inspection process helps buyers

      We have seen home inspectors identify everything from gutter drainage issues to foundation and mold problems. Remember, a good home inspector has had training and is licensed to perform these very in depth inspections to determine what defects or problems a home may have. Once the home inspection is performed you will receive a very detailed report complete with pictures and descriptions of the problems found. The home inspector will probably not indicate how each issue needs to be fixed or the cost to fix, but you will have the information needed to now seek professional bids on individual items like electrical, plumbing, or heating and cooling system problems.
      Asheville NC Home Inspection Process

      The Home Inspection Process Helps Buyers

      Home inspection reports can help with negotiations

      The home inspection process and the inspection report itself may give you additional information required for you and your Realtor to further negotiate the final sales price on the home in question. You may actually decide to terminate the contract during your due diligence period if the defects or problems with the home are too extensive per your home inspection report. Home inspection reports vary in cost by company, but we see them usually costing from $300 to $500 depending on home size and perhaps location of the home. The home inspection process can give the home owner that added layer of comfort when purchasing a home. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate here in the Asheville area.