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      Why buy a Green Home in Asheville?

      Green homes are getting more and more popular for home buyers here in Asheville NC. So just what are green homesand why are they becoming the homes that more and more buyers are demanding? Green homes are usually high quality, well thought out and planned homes built to green home building standards that assure you of a higher level of energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. It was recently reported that the number one reason most consumers purchase green built homes is because they are usually at least 30 percent more energy efficient than a code built home. The number two reason that most are purchasing green homes is for the improved indoor air quality they provide.

      Green homes are energy efficient

      Green homes involve a high degree of planning and most certified green home builders in the Asheville area will register their homes with the WNC green building council and get them certified as high quality green homes under the NC healthy built homes program. The are pages and pages of requirements and checklists involved to get a local green built home certified under NC healthy built homes program. The home must be first built to the national Energy Star standard and then many things are done above and beyond Energy Star to take the home to the next level of energy efficiency and Eco friendliness. NC healthy built homes will not only use less energy and water, but they will also use less toxic materials in the actual construction of the home so that indoor air quality is great for the home owner.
      Asheville NC Green Homes

      Energy Efficient Green Homes in Asheville

      Certified green homes are offered in Asheville

      There are so many components to green building that we will be hard pressed to cover them all here. The site, construction of home, materials used and design are some of the cornerstones of green home building to assure that home owners get the highest quality homes that will use less energy and water to operate. Due to the high quality of materials used in green homes, they are usually built to last longer and require less maintenance over time. Green home building is just plain smart building and more and more home buyers are embracing this technology. Energy prices are on the rise and building codes are being adapted in most areas to incorporate a new energy efficiency component, therefore green home building will be the norm in our opinion in the not so distant future. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate here in Asheville. You can also follow us on twitter and facebook or subscribe to our Green Mountain Realty blog on this page.