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      Eco Homes Save Energy

      Eco homes in the Asheville NC area are energy efficient, healthy and good for the environment. By eco homes using far less energy to operate there is less demand on our coal fired power plants which is one of the most common sources of carbon emissions here in the United States. Eco homes are also called green homes and encompass many areas such as site planning, energy conservation, water conservation, materials conservation and indoor air quality. Most eco homes that are built under the available green building programs in the Asheville area are usually at least 30% more energy efficient than a code built home with many being as much as 60% more energy efficient.

      Eco homes minimize site damage

      The home site and trees are usually preserved when building an eco home. Erosion will be managed to minimize site runoff and landscaping will be implemented with native plants to minimize any water needs for the outdoor areas. Water catchment systems may also be utilized to contain rainwater which can then be used for site irrigation. The goal of site management on an eco home is to build your home with minimal damage to the home site area. Now that we have our foundation installed and our eco home positioned to the South to utilize the suns energy let us move on to the homes energy conservation techniques.
      Eco Homes

      Eco Homes in Asheville NC

      Eco homes use less energy, water and are healthy

      Eco homes will be built using advanced framing techniques to insure that the home envelope gets insulated perfectly and that all voids are caulked and sealed to eliminate air infiltration. High efficiency heating and cooling, water heaters, lighting and appliances will be utilized to assure that the home is as energy efficient as possible. An eco home is built in a high quality manner, insulated and sealed well so that all heat loss from the home is minimized. Low flow water fixtures will be used throughout the home to minimize water consumption and non toxic building materials will be used in the homes construction to assure better indoor air quality. Eco homes are energy efficient, high quality, healthier, use less water and are better for the environment. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for eco homes, land or real estate here in Asheville. Also follow us on twitter and facebook via the buttons below or subscribe to the Green Mountain Blog feed here.