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      Is Your Asheville Area Home Energy Efficient?

      Your home is a system and many components of your home work can work together to save you energy. You save money and improve the performance of your home when you take cost effective measures that reduce heating and cooling loads, water heating, lighting, and appliance demands within the home. In general, over sizing systems in the home worsen performance and cost you more energy so it is always important to re-size units properly after upgrading insulation, air sealing and weatherizing that existing home. The most cost effective strategies to first address would be insulation, doors, windows and air sealing within the home and then the other major systems like HVACs, water heaters, lighting and appliances can all be evaluated. There are many great older style homes in the Asheville NC area that would be excellent candidates for renovating and making more energy efficient. There are many existing Asheville NC energy efficient homes for sale here in the area if upgrading your existing home is not an option.

      Insulation Helps Towards Home Energy Efficiency

      Effective insulation slows the rate of heat transfer into, or out of the home, therefore homes with more wall, attic and crawlspace insulation will be more energy efficient that those with less insulation. Adding insulation to a home can be the most cost effective thing a home owner can do to save energy. Sealing all air gaps and penetrations from the home to the outside world will also decrease energy costs, and is cheap and easy to accomplish. Many older homes have non-insulated wood style windows and doors that are very in-efficient so you may also want to replace these as you make your home more energy efficient.
      Asheville NC Energy Efficient Homes

      Home Energy Efficiency

      Upgrade Major Home Systems for More Energy Savings

      The heating and cooling system in a home usually accounts for 50% of the energy used in a home, and typically, most systems are very in-efficient if they are more than ten years old. You may want to look at upgrading with heating and air system with an Energy Star rated system at a bare minimum to decrease energy bills. Hot water heating in the home accounts for about 20% of the homes energy costs so this is a very important system to look at when upgrading. Lastly, it is recommended that appliances all carry the Energy Star seal if upgrading refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers or washing machines as any electrical device that has this rating is usually 50% more efficient than its counterpart. Lighting throughout the home should also be updated to CFLs or LED style to save 75% energy here. Contact Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate in Asheville. Follow Green Mtn Realty on Twitter for more energy saving tips and other helpful updates regarding Asheville homes.