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      Asheville Fractional Ownership for Luxury Condos

      Asheville NC luxury condos are a main draw for luxury home buyers that enjoy spending time here in the Asheville NC area. Fractional condo ownership is becoming more and more popular around the country because it enables a luxury condo buyer to only purchase the fraction of time the owner will actually be using thus allows the owner to purchase a more luxury property. Club 151 residences at the Indigo Hotel in downtown Asheville is an example of this new type of luxury condo fractional ownership. A buyer of a luxury condo unit here can purchase anywhere from one tenth units all the way up to the entire luxury condo unit. The luxury condos at Club 151 are gorgeous, fully furnished units that sit high atop the Indigo Inn in downtown Asheville. As a luxury home Realtor, developer and building contractor I was highly impressed at the level of detail, interior design and overall layout of these quality luxury home condos. Club 151 offers true carefree lock and go, condo living in Asheville. You have access to the full host of amenities that the Hotel has to offer including room service, concierge, restaurants and more. The flexibility that is offered the luxury condo owner in regards to how they are able to use their allotted time with their 1/10 deeded interest is almost endless. You can own luxury condos in a high rise downtown Asheville building for less with this great alternative to traditional condo ownership.
      Asheville NC Luxury Condos and Fractional Ownership

      Asheville NC Luxury Condos and Fractional Ownership

      Would you like to own an interest in a luxury condo unit in the downtown Asheville area for less that the cost of the entire condo unit? Fractional ownership makes owning luxury condos for less a great alternative here in Asheville. Just imagine arriving to the Asheville area, having groceries brought to your condo unit, your golf clubs brought up from storage and reservations already made around town for your weekly stay. The Residences at Club 151 pamper that luxury home client that enjoys having their fun organized for them. You will enjoy resort like stays at your new residence at the Club. There are too many other benefits that these luxury condos have to offer so please contact us today for a guided tour of the project. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for luxury condos, luxury homes and real estate here in Asheville.