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      Asheville Area Green Built Homes

      Asheville NC green homes are located all over the greater Asheville area and especially in the downtown areas of the city on infill lots. Asheville NC is fortunate that so many people and local custom home builders have embraced the science of green building and realize the significance of building high quality green homes. Green Homes in the Asheville area as any area will incorporate a host of features that reduce impact on the physical home site, energy usage, water usage, material resources and improve the overall indoor air quality of the home by using less toxic building materials in the construction of the home.

      Green Homes Usually Energy Star Certified

      According to national statistics the number one reason that people build green homes is for better energy efficiency. Green built homes in the Asheville area will usually be an Energy Star certified home that also has many other features added to it above and beyond the Energy Star requirements to make the home even more energy efficient. The green built home will usually have thicker insulation in walls, ceilings and attics to reduce heat transfer as well as more efficient sealing of the home, doors, windows and ductwork throughout the home. Green homes will utilize more energy efficient HVAC systems, hot water heaters, appliances, lighting and electrical devices to reduce the energy consumption of the home.
      Asheville NC Green Homes

      Asheville NC Green Homes

      Green Homes Offer Healthier Environments

      Water conservation will also be addressed in green built homes by using low flow fixtures and perhaps dual flush toilets. Gray water systems may also be seen in a green built home along with water cisterns and landscaping outdoors that involves the use of native plants with drought resistant turf. A green built home will use building materials that are less toxic for improved indoor air quality in the home. The air quality in most homes is almost ten times worse than outdoor air quality due to the constant off gassing of things like paints, finishes and adhesives used in the make up walls, floors, sheathing and cabinets. Green built homes are homes that are designed and planned with energy efficiency and health in mind.

      Find a Green Home in Asheville

      Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for green homes, land or real estate here in the Asheville area. Get real time Asheville Green Home real estate updates by following Green Mtn Realty on Twitter.