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      Should I Build or Buy That Luxury Home in Asheville?

      There are many fine choices for Asheville NC luxury homes, however, many Asheville NC clients decide that building a luxury home suits their needs a little better. In this current real estate market you will be able to find some luxury homes that are under valued and a real bargain if you like the home and its location. New construction has usually always been more expensive than buying existing luxury homes on the market. Building material costs have gone up in price while labor costs have come down during this economic recession so building that luxury home may be attractive to new luxury home buyers.

      Buying existing luxury homes in Asheville

      An experienced Realtor should be able to work with a luxury home client, understand their needs as far as home type, location, community style and amenities to determine which option best suits the clients needs. There are many excellent quality luxury home builders in the Asheville NC area if building is your primary route to that luxury home of your dreams. Many luxury home clients work with local architects to design the homes and then build because building may be the only way to truly get the home you desire. Building a luxury home in the Asheville area will take somewhere between 6 months to one year in most cases.
      Buying or Building Luxury Homes in Asheville NC

      Buying or Building Luxury Homes in Asheville NC

      Building a luxury home in Asheville

      Get the builder involved with the project as you start looking for home sites as they can help you determine what piece of land, lot or home site is best suited for the home you desire. Set a budget early only as far as what you can afford for the total land home package as this makes it easier to then split costs between land, land development and construction costs. Failure to properly plan the new home will make building that luxury home much harder than if you had done the leg work up front and had all of the team members in place from the start. We are experienced luxury home Realtors, developers, and luxury custom home builders that are here to serve all of your needs when either buying an existing luxury home or building that new luxury dream home in the Asheville area. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for luxury homes, land or real estate here in Asheville.