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      Blog :: 02-2011

      Asheville Golf Home Communities

      Asheville golf communities do exist for the avid golfer that enjoys world class golf and being able to live in a world class golf home community. Golf communities like the Cliffs at Walnut Cove and Biltmore Forest are two great communities that immediately come to mind when we discuss luxury homes and one of a kind country clubs here in the Asheville NC area. Biltmore Forest is one of the oldest and most historic communities here in the Asheville area and offers a world class member owned Country Club within the community and dates back to the early 1900s when George Vanderbilts widow developed this fine neighborhood that backs up to the Biltmore Estate.

      Luxury golf communities in Asheville

      Golfers will not be disappointed by the world class Donald Ross designed golf course that the Biltmore Forest Country Club offers to its members. Golf is special on the majestic grounds of the Asheville area as the Blue Ridge Mountains serve as the canvas back drop and you have glimpses of what it was like when famous Presidents and captains of industry played on these same courses almost one hundred years ago. Biltmore Forest is rich in history and architecture and offers some of the most beautiful and historic luxury homes available in the Asheville area. You will only be minutes to the downtown area while enjoying your new Country Club lifestyle within Biltmore Forest.
      Asheville Golf Communities

      Luxury Golf Communities in Asheville

      Some Golf Communities in Asheville have it all

      The Cliffs at Walnut Cove is another favorite when we talk about luxury golf home communities here in the Asheville area. The Cliffs is conveniently located in the South Asheville area, and offers world class Jack Nicklaus golf with so much more. This beautiful luxury golf community features a Country Club Village with Restaurants, Taverns and Pro Shops in a very pristine and gorgeous setting hand laid on just over 1300 acres of the most beautiful mountain land in this area. The community has walking trails, a nature center and a state of the art wellness center complete with pools, cardio and daily classes. The Cliffs is almost like a community within a community and security is never a problem as this is a guarded and gated luxury home development. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for luxury homes, golf homes, condos, land or real estate here in the Asheville area. Follow us on twitter or facebook via the buttons below or subscribe to the Green Mountain Realty blog on this page.

      Buying Luxury Homes in Asheville

      Luxury homes in the Asheville NC area are available in some really great luxury home communities these days. Luxury homes in Asheville cost more so you may want to be working with a Realtor that specializes in the luxury home market to avoid many pitfalls and perhaps pay too much for that luxury home. We are more than just luxury home Realtors here at Green Mountain Realty. We are also developers and luxury home builders here in the greater Asheville area. As builders of fine custom and luxury homes we understand many things that will help you choose the right luxury home and then also help you get that home for the best possible price.

      Quality luxury homes and how you know?

      It all starts with determining if the home is a quality built luxury home. Just because a home cost is well over a million dollars does not automatically qualify it as a well built and high quality luxury home. Homes are built to the county building code in all states and the building code only insures your vital safety in most cases and has absolutely nothing to do with quality aspects of a home. We help clients determine if that luxury home they are interested in buying is really a high quality home and worth the money they will pay for that home. We also educate our clients on things to pay close attention to when looking at luxury homes.
      Asheville NC Luxury Homes

      Buying Luxury Homes in Asheville NC

      Negotiating the price on luxury homes

      After determining that the luxury home is quality we will then help them in the negotiation process on that home. We are very scientific in the approach in which we take when working with our luxury home buyers to once again make sure they get that luxury home for the best possible price. There are many tools that we have at our disposal to determine the homes value, how much equity the existing home owner has in the home, tax valuation and the motivation level of the seller. We enjoy the smile we see on our clients faces at closing when they are pleased with their new home purchases. Luxury homes do cost more and therefore it is important that you choose the best Realtor in order to save more. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for luxury homes, land, or real estate here in the greater Asheville area. Follow us on twitter, facebook or subscribe to our Green Mountain Realty Blog via the buttons on this page.

      Biltmore Park Town Square Condos and Townhomes

      Biltmore Park Town Square is a new mixed use urban village project in beautiful Asheville NC that features great condos and townhomes within walking distance to shopping, dining, gyms, professional offices and movie theatres. You have a world within a world when you purchase a new condo or townhome in Biltmore Park Town Square. Biltmore Park Town Square also adjoins Biltmore Park which is a single family residential neighborhood that has always been a favorite for those buying homes in the Asheville area. The folks at Biltmore Farms have once again done a stellar job on this one of a kind mixed use community in Asheville.

      Biltmore Park Town Square has it all

      Although you have a fitness center in your new condo building there is also a state of the art YMCA in the village that impresss me each time I personally visit. If you are a working professional, then you may want to lease some great Class-A office space in the Town Square as this truly is a work, live and play type community. Biltmore Park Town Square features a world class Hilton hotel within the village that achieved LEED green certification and the entire Biltmore Park Town Square project is LEED neighborhood development certified. This entire community has been carefully built and crafted in a one of a kind location here in Asheville.
      Biltmore Park Town Square

      Condos and TownHomes at Biltmore Park Town Square

      Luxury living at Biltmore Park Town Square

      The condos and townhomes are absolutely beautiful being offered at this project. You will be impressed upon walking into your new home and seeing the attention to details such as balconies, granite countertops, hardwood flooring, heavy crown moldings, arched openings, energy efficient features like Energy Star appliances and water saving fixtures. Large windows abound so that you can enjoy full views of the beautiful village of which you are now a part. The luxury townhomes in Biltmore Park Town Square feature garages and too many custom features to list here. If a peaceful, happy and healthy lifestyle is what you have been seeking then a new townhome or condo at Biltmore Park Town Square may be just what the doctor ordered? Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, condos, townhomes, land or real estate here in the greater Asheville area. You can also follow us on twitter, facebook or subscribe to our Green Mountain Realty Blog by the buttons on this page.

      Luxury Condos in The Asheville Area

      Asheville NC luxury condos are available here in the greater Asheville and downtown areas for the buyer that desires luxury style and appointments as well as amenities. Luxury condos exist in several downtown areas of Asheville NC and also further out in luxury gated golf developments like The Cliffs at Walnut Cove. Many second home owners that pop over to the Asheville area for weekend visits or mini retreats love the flexibility that condo living can afford them. We like to call luxury condo living in Asheville, carefree lock and go style home ownership.

      So many luxury condo choices in Asheville

      The luxury condos located at 60 North Market Street are simply fantastic units that offer security, views, and walking distance to everything great in the downtown area. These luxury and designer style condos will please the most discriminating luxury home buyer. Battery Park is another popular luxury condo project in downtown Asheville adjacent to both the Grove Arcade and the Wall Street area. South Lexington is one of our favorite downtown condo projects and once is again just a skip or hop to great dining and downtown entertainment. Some more historic buildings like the old Kress building offer some more great downtown area luxury condos in a safe and secure location.
      Asheville NC Luxury Condos

      Luxury Condos in Asheville NC

      Golfers can enjoy luxury condos at The Fitzgerald

      Golfers will enjoy some very special luxury condo projects like The Fitzgerald that overlooks the Grove Park Inn golf course or the golf condos found within the gated Jack Nicklaus golf community called The Cliffs at Walnut Cove in South Asheville. Luxury condo buyers that want to enjoy high end luxury living without the full cost of condo ownership may opt for a fractional deeded ownership at Club 151 high atop the landscape in downtown Asheville also. Club 151 is a very special luxury condo project that caters to the most discerning luxury condo buyer. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for luxury condos, homes or real estate here in the Asheville area. You can also follow us on twitter or facebook via the buttons below or subscribe to our blog on this site.

      Luxury Home Builders in Asheville

      We are more than just luxury home Realtors here at Green Mountain Realty. We are land developers and Asheville NC luxury home builders with over twenty years of experience in the Asheville area. Are you thinking about buying or building a luxury or custom home here in the area? If you are buying an existing luxury home in the Asheville area we are able to help you pick the best homes out there and further help you negotiate the best prices. As luxury home professionals that have built many luxury homes in the area we help clients save money both if buying existing homes and if building new.

      Luxury home Realtors and custom home builders

      For a Realtor to be able to serve as a top notch negotiator they must be intimate with the products that are helping you buy and as developers, brokers and licensed builders we have our hand on the pulse of the Asheville luxury home market. We perform extensive research for our clients and always help our clients get the absolute best luxury homes in the area at the best prices. As an added bonus and service to our luxury home clients we encourage them to travel to the Asheville area, stay and shop for luxury homes with our firm. If a luxury home client buys a luxury home from us we will reimburse their Hotel and Dining Expenses while in Asheville which will be paid at closing. Certain restrictions apply so please contact us for full details regarding Asheville re-imbursements.
      Asheville NC Luxury Home Builders

      Luxury Home Builders and Luxury Home Realtors in Asheville NC

      Luxury home builders that help you save more

      As Asheville NC area luxury home builders we help find our clients the best land, lot or home site for their new luxury home and then build that home for them. We work with out of town clients and make that home building process easy and a joy rather than a burden. We can typically build custom and luxury homes within a 4 to 8 month time period just depending the design and new home requirements. Luxury home clients will appreciate the level of expertise that our firms brings to the table relative to land purchase, home design and actual home build out. We are normally able to save clients thousands on their luxury home projects in the Asheville area while making the process fun, easy and carefree. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for luxury homes, land or real estate here in Asheville. You can also follow us on twitter or facebook via the buttons below and subscribe to our blog from this page as well.

      Biltmore Area Homes

      Asheville NC Biltmore area homes are everywhere from downtown Asheville NC all the way out to the I-26 corridor in South Asheville. Biltmore area homes exist all along Biltmore Avenue through Biltmore Village and back up Hendersonville Road toward the Asheville Airport. There are many different styles and prices of homes in the Biltmore area of Asheville. The Biltmore area brings back memories of George Vanderbilt and just why he decided to build his estate in this area over one hundred years ago. Home buyers wanting a piece of Asheville history will usually try to find that dream home somewhere in the Biltmore area.

      Biltmore area homes are rich in history

      Biltmore Village is located directly across from the Biltmore Estate and actually was a village where the workers lived many years ago as they built the Biltmore Estate. The Village is now filled with shops, dining, businesses and some residential homes or condos. As we extend back to the South we will find Biltmore Forest where luxury home buyers seeking a piece of history will almost always want a historic luxury home close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Biltmore Country Club. Biltmore Forest was originally developed by George Vanderbilts widow and the community is lush, gorgeous and full of Asheville history.
      Asheville NC Biltmore Area Homes

      Biltmore Area Homes in Asheville NC

      Luxury homes are everywhere in the Biltmore area

      Backing up to Biltmore Forest we will enter the luxury home gated community of The Ramble. European homes abound in this fine luxury and gated home development complete with trails, parks and a wellness center. Coming out of The Ramble we will travel into Biltmore Park, once again, a neighborhood rich in history that offers home owners close proximity to Ashevilles new urban village Biltmore Town Square where shopping, dining and plenty of retail exists. Professional office space is also abundant in Biltmore Town Square making the live, play and work theme a reality here in Asheville. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for Biltmore area homes, land or real estate here in Asheville. Also follow us on twitter and facebook via the buttons below or subscribe to the Green Mountain Realty Blog here.

      Luxury Mountain Homes with a View

      Asheville NC mountain view homes can be found on just about every point on the compass here in the area. Mountain View homes here in the Asheville NC area are as special as many of the home buyers that purchase these luxury homes with a view. As we like to tell people, altitude can be soothing and have a very important impact on ones attitude. Many second home buyers choose Asheville as a destination to purchase that one of a kind mountain home high atop a mountain perch with panoramic views of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. Generally speaking, the higher you go in a development for that view lot, the more you can expect to pay. Most buyers in Asheville will want the best view lot home that they can afford.

      Mountain View homes are great in Asheville

      So just where will the mountain homes with a view be located here in the Asheville area? The simple answer is just about everywhere. We enjoy showing luxury home buyers mountain homes with a view within the Cliffs at Walnut Cove. Many buyers like the Cliffs for the gated security and also for the world class Jack Nicklaus golf course. Poplar Ridge is another favorite destination in South Asheville for those seeking luxury mountain homes with panoramic views of the mountains. Going out toward the Weaverville area many have bought view homes high atop Reynolds Mountain, a luxury home gated community complete with an Urban Village.
      Asheville NC Mountain View Homes

      Mountain View Homes in Asheville

      Many Mountain View homes are close to downtown Asheville

      Some of our personal favorite Mountain View homes can be found just minutes from downtown Asheville on Town Mountain. There are several fairly new luxury home developments on Town Mountain like Bertrams Walk and Wildcat Cliffs. We especially enjoy the views that can be captured high within Wildcat Cliffs which is just minutes up Town Mountain, and just minutes to the downtown Asheville area below. If luxury carefree condo living is an option then we recommend The Fitzgerald which is next to the Grove Park Inn. You will enjoy one of a kind golf course views here with the mountains as a back drop. These are just a few areas that come to mind quickly when we think about our favorite Mountain View homes here in the Asheville NC area. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for Mountain View homes, land and real estate here in the Asheville area. Also follow us on twitter and facebook via the buttons below or subscribe to the Green Mountain Realty Blog here.

      Towns near Asheville NC for homes, land and real estate

      If you are thinking about moving to the Asheville NC area, but dont want to live in the city, we may just have some fine small town choices for you. There are a handful of great towns surrounding Asheville that are only 20 minutes away, and offer small town features that many have grown to love in this area. New homes, land and real estate is available in all of the adjoining small towns close to the Asheville area.

      Black Mountain NC offers small town charm and big city elegance

      From the most upscale cuisine, to country cooking and BBQ, Black Mountain NC is home to over forty restaurants sure to please any palate. Dine inside or outside, while enjoying the local flavor or celebrating a special occasion. The beautiful mountain scenery, variety of recreational activities, and friendly hometown feel, continues to attract many newcomers to Black Mountain each year. Take a walk through historic downtown and discover numerous unique gift shops, galleries, and Appalachian-style craft stores, with local craftsmen often demonstrating iron works, dulcimer making, and throwing pottery. Enjoy a wide variety of nightly music at one of our famous venues.
      Towns Near Asheville NC for Homes, Land and Real Estate

      Towns Near Asheville NC for Homes, Land and Real Estate

      Waynesville NC is Southern Hospitality at its best

      Waynesville NC is blessed with the ideal year-round climate, beautiful mountain scenery and warm Southern hospitality. Proud of their southern mountain heritage, Waynesville is building their future with a concern for preserving the past. About 40% of the Waynesville area is occupied by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Pisgah National Forest and the Harmon Den Wildlife Refuge, where the Blue Ridge Parkway meets the Great Smoky Mountains. In the fall, the Waynesville hardwood forests put on a spectacular fall foliage color display attracting more Visitors than other time of the year. The winter brings a quiet, slower season while providing the residents of the county with some of the best skiing in the south.

      Hendersonville NC is known as Apple Country

      Hendersonville NC is in Henderson County, and produces about 85% of the state's apples. They are North Carolina's number one apple producer with about 150 apple orchards. You can buy orchard-fresh NC apples at their direct farm markets near Asheville beginning in August through November. The City of Hendersonville was incorporated January 7, 1847 and encompasses6.93 square miles on a plateau about 2,200 feet above sea level. The City lies at the southern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 40 miles north of Spartanburg and 22 miles south of Asheville on Interstate 26. Hendersonville is a great small town with a warm, cozy feel that you will want to call home. Call Green Mountain Realty at (828)-215-9064 for homes, land and real estate in the Asheville area.

      Eco Homes Save Energy

      Eco homes in the Asheville NC area are energy efficient, healthy and good for the environment. By eco homes using far less energy to operate there is less demand on our coal fired power plants which is one of the most common sources of carbon emissions here in the United States. Eco homes are also called green homes and encompass many areas such as site planning, energy conservation, water conservation, materials conservation and indoor air quality. Most eco homes that are built under the available green building programs in the Asheville area are usually at least 30% more energy efficient than a code built home with many being as much as 60% more energy efficient.

      Eco homes minimize site damage

      The home site and trees are usually preserved when building an eco home. Erosion will be managed to minimize site runoff and landscaping will be implemented with native plants to minimize any water needs for the outdoor areas. Water catchment systems may also be utilized to contain rainwater which can then be used for site irrigation. The goal of site management on an eco home is to build your home with minimal damage to the home site area. Now that we have our foundation installed and our eco home positioned to the South to utilize the suns energy let us move on to the homes energy conservation techniques.
      Eco Homes

      Eco Homes in Asheville NC

      Eco homes use less energy, water and are healthy

      Eco homes will be built using advanced framing techniques to insure that the home envelope gets insulated perfectly and that all voids are caulked and sealed to eliminate air infiltration. High efficiency heating and cooling, water heaters, lighting and appliances will be utilized to assure that the home is as energy efficient as possible. An eco home is built in a high quality manner, insulated and sealed well so that all heat loss from the home is minimized. Low flow water fixtures will be used throughout the home to minimize water consumption and non toxic building materials will be used in the homes construction to assure better indoor air quality. Eco homes are energy efficient, high quality, healthier, use less water and are better for the environment. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for eco homes, land or real estate here in Asheville. Also follow us on twitter and facebook via the buttons below or subscribe to the Green Mountain Blog feed here.

      Land Home Packages

      Land home packages come in all types and sizes here in Asheville NC. The greater Asheville area includes many counties and if you extend out about an hour in all directions from downtown Asheville will encompass almost 500,000 people. The population of Asheville itself is only about 70,000 at last census, but some home buyers choose to live a little further out in areas like Black Mountain, Weaverville, Candler, Marshal, Waynesville, Burnsville, Hendersonville, or even Lake Lure. Land home packages in Asheville and the surrounding mountains are more affordable than ever.

      Custom land home packages for less

      There are still some very large land tracts and parcels available in the Asheville area if building a custom home is an option. We are actually luxury home Realtors and licensed building contractors that are always pleased to help our clients build their dream homes. We like to start working with a client early on and help them find the best land for that perfect land home package they are putting together. We build custom land home packages on a flat cost plus 15% basis and many of our clients save money as we work closely with them on bids and construction timelines to minimize construction time and loan interest. We make building that custom land home package a joy rather a burden.
      Land Home Packages

      Asheville NC Land Home Packages

      We help you buy the land and build the home

      For out of town clients that want to stay in tune with their new home construction we will offer a video feed so that they can actually watch the progress of their home as it is being built. Building a custom home will take anywhere from 4 to 8 months depending upon weather and schedules. Costs to build homes in the Asheville area are low these days; however, building a custom home will still cost more than buying a home that is already on the market and perhaps being sold below market value. Most clients build custom homes because they are very focused on what they want in that new home. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for land home packages or real estate here in the Asheville area. Also feel free to follow us on twitter and facebook via the links below or subscribe to the Green Mountain Blog feed here.