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      Luxury Timber Frame Homes in Asheville

      Asheville NC timber frame homes are just about some of the most gorgeous mountain homes one will ever experience. Timber frame homes are made with large timbers, posts and beams and still utilize many craftsmen techniques and joinery from years gone by. The Asheville NC area is known for its many high quality timber frame home builders since luxury home buyers that are seeking Luxury Mountain homes will almost always demand that their new home be built around an architect designed timber frame shell. There is nothing better than gazing at the large exposed vaulted ceilings in your new mountain home full of large timbers and massive wood brackets. All types of wood can be used in your luxury timber frame home from oak, Douglas fir, pine, cedar and maple. It is very important that your luxury home builder use a timber frame company for the shell that has experience in the kiln drying of the wood and best practices when erecting the shell and the timber frame package will adjust to wood shrinkage or swelling over time as these are very large timbers that we are dealing with. Timber frame homes use joinery methods such as dowel and pin to join the vertical pieces called the posts to the horizontal wood members called the beams. Clients love luxury timber frame homes because of all of the exposed wood beams within the home, they are simply gorgeous and no normal home can compare to this look.
      Asheville NC Timber Frame Homes

      Asheville NC Timber Frame Homes

      Wood is not a very good insulator so many clients ask if a timber frame is very energy efficient. The timbers are just used for the shell of the home and all walls and roof systems can be built using extremely state of the art methods to increase the homes energy efficiency rating. More and more timber frame homes are being built to high level green building certification programs that make them at least 30% more energy efficient than a code built home. Many people building a custom timber frame home will first start with a basic floor plan design that they want and then have their timber frame home designed around the floor plan. As luxury home builders and luxury home Realtors we enjoy working with clients that are either buying existing timber frame homes on the market or wanting to build new ones. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate here in the Asheville area.