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      Luxury Energy Star Homes in Asheville

      Asheville NC Energy Star homes are built to the nationally recognized energy star home building standard and once certified the homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than a code built home. Many luxury home buyers are requiring that their luxury home builders make sure that their new home is built to this standard. Energy Star homes in Asheville NC are being completed in some of the areas finest luxury home developments. Most high quality builders have already been building their luxury homes to this great energy efficient home building standard for many years now. So what makes an Energy Star home an energy star home? The main components of energy star center around making your luxury home more energy efficient, but there is an indoor air quality component of energy star to assure that your home is healthier to live in. If you purchase a luxury home that is energy star rated you will receive a much more energy efficient heating and cooling system in the home and all of the associated systems ductwork will be better sealed and then tested for minimal amounts of duct leakage in the home. The homes hot water heater will be specified to be energy star rated thus saving energy in that luxury home. All electrical products in the home like appliances, lighting, washers and home theatre systems will be energy star rated as they will use almost 50% less energy.
      Asheville NC Luxury Energy Star Homes

      Asheville NC Luxury Energy Star Homes

      The blue Energy Star logo on devices assures the consumer that the device is about 50% more energy efficient than its non energy star counterpart. Energy Star luxury homes will also have the homes envelope built, caulked and sealed to assure very few penetrations and better insulation and techniques will be used to assure that the home has fewer thermal breaks and is better insulated. The basis of any very energy efficient home provides that the home is better sealed of penetrations to the outside world and that the home is better insulated. Luxury homes and luxury home buyers usually want a quality home so why would you not demand that your home is built to an Energy Star standard? Energy Star homes are high quality homes that use less energy and are healthier to live in. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate in Asheville.