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      Asheville NC Homes for Renovations

      We are finding some great homes for sale here in the Asheville NC area at below average prices. Have you ever thought about buying a home or homes that were older and perhaps a little outdated, getting a good deal, and then performing a whole home renovation? Asheville is a great area and still rated as a top place to live in America so many people are still trying to move to this area and save a little money in the process. Older Asheville area homes can offer lower prices per square foot of heated area and sometimes be a real bargain if you care to take the steps to performing a renovation on that newly purchased home.

      Asheville NC homes and renovations

      So what are the areas of a home that most people renovate that will add the most value back into the home? Most savvy home buyers that plan whole home renovations will upgrade the kitchen, perhaps the bathrooms, flooring and wall coverings throughout the home. Paint is cheap and one of the best and most cost effective upgrades you can do to a home to give it an update. We have seen drastic changes in the look and feel of a home simply by changing paint colors in rooms and adding accent walls in different areas to give the home space a new feeling. Buying older homes in the Asheville area and renovating may be a good choice.
      Asheville NC Homes for Renovations

      Asheville NC Homes for Renovations

      More about Asheville area home renovations

      Floor coverings can also be inexpensive if you shop around and find bargains relative to new carpet, and hardwoods. Hardwood floors, paint, and perhaps some new tile in the bathrooms will give an older home a serious facelift. Appliances are another option that are not all that expensive to upgrade in a home and will add value to that home moving forward. Once again, if you are able to get older Asheville area homes and save $10,000 or more just think about the amount of renovation work that can be performed to make that older home look new and updated. We are seeing the most opportunities in older luxury homes here in the Asheville area that have been discounted greatly to move and while being outdated many have some truly great potential. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate in the Asheville area.