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      Asheville NC Historic Homes

      You will certainly have no problem finding historic homes for sale here in the Asheville NC area. We love helping clients with older homes here in the city of Asheville. Historic homes just seem to have a beauty in them that has been lost somewhere throughout the years. So are there things you should understand when buying homes within the city of Asheville pertaining to their historic value? If a home is listed on the historic register you must abide by certain guidelines when remodeling, re-painting or renovating the home.

      Asheville historic homes are great

      Many people do not realize that any home that was sold within the city of Asheville after July 1, 1994 has to obtain a new certificate of occupancy from the city permitting and inspections department. You must obtain a home inspection by one of the cities approved inspectors and then remedy any items as they pertain to building safety. Once the items have been fixed on the home the city will then send out an inspector to re-inspect and if approved the home will receive a current certificate of occupancy. The new certificate of occupancy will then convey to any new home owners as the home is sold and re-deeded from that point forward.
      Asheville NC Historic Homes

      Asheville NC Historic Homes

      Check the foundation on that home

      We look at many older and historic homes on the market here in Asheville and the number one concern is always a sinking foundation. There were many fine home builders in the early 1900s, but they did not understand the concepts that are drilled into builders these days relative to keeping water away from the homes foundation. Foundation problems can be fixed if the issues have not become too severe already. Proper overhangs and larger gutters on a home are essential to diverting rain away from the home and its foundation. Historic homes in the Asheville area are beautiful and can be great renovation projects if the home has a solid foundation. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate.