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      Asheville green homes and green home building

      Asheville North Carolina has always been on the cutting edge of green home building, and you will always find an abundance of green homes for sale in the Asheville area. Green homes incorporate environmental considerations, and use high quality sustainable materials to assure that your home is not only at least 30% more energy efficient, but that it had a minimal impact on the environment during the build out stage of construction. There are many components of green home building like site planning, insulating and sealing the home envelope, using high efficiency lighting and appliances, low flow water fixtures as well as special attention to low toxic materials and finishes in the home. Green built homes usually sell better and faster here in any real estate market.

      Energy efficient features

      Many of the energy efficient components in a green built home are easy to spot because they carry the Energy Star seal of approval. Your green built home will have high efficiency windows, doors, appliances, lighting, heating and air systems, hot water heaters and ventilation fans. The home may include solar or renewable type energy systems depending on the level of energy efficiency. Special attention will be paid to the type and process by which the home was built, insulated and sealed for tightness. Energy efficient homes are also built very tight and insulated very well.
      Asheville Green Homes

      Asheville Green Homes

      Water efficiency and indoor air quality

      Green homes will use low flow water fixtures and plumbing devices throughout the home to conserve on water. A typical home for a family of four uses approximately 100,000 gallons of water per year, and a green built home uses half of this number. Native landscaping will also be used outdoors so that water is not required to water the lawn or shrubs. The heating and air system is appropriately sized, balanced and ducts sealed so that fresh air within the green home is healthy. Special attention is also paid to the types of paints and finishes used within the home to assure they are Low VOC and non toxic. Radon mitigation systems are also used in green built homes to once again assure healthy indoor air. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate in Asheville.