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      Why buy a green home in Asheville?

      Green home building takes affordable housing to an all new level here in Asheville North Carolina. Asheville has been called the Mecca for green homes and we are very proud to be home to the Western North Carolina Green Building Council. We are so passionate here at Green Mountain Realty about the benefits of green building that we host a weekly green home building TV Show called Green on Green and are in our second season of doing that show. Green built homes are not only higher quality; they are also more energy efficient, healthier and built to last longer. More and more home owners are learning that green homes are better and therefore the homes usually sell for more and are on the market shorter times when being resold.

      Benefits of green home building

      Green built homes are usually planned out better so that more local materials can be used on the home with less of an impact on the environment. Special attention is paid to the ways the home is constructed, insulated and sealed to assure maximum energy efficiency. The homes orientation on its site will be addressed to utilize passive solar heat gain techniques when possible. All of the homes appliances, lighting and HVAC equipment will usually be high efficiency Energy Star rated devices to once again assure minimal energy usage. The materials used in the homes construction will be those designed to last lifetimes as durability and sustainability are the cornerstones of green home building.
      Asheville Green Homes

      Asheville Green Homes

      Do green homes look different?

      Most green built homes look like any other traditionally built home, but are just designed and built with better materials designed for maximum life and minimal maintenance. Some green built homes will have more windows and glazing that face due south so that thermal radiation can be utilized to heat the home during winter months. Green built homes may also utilize solar roof panels to provide energy needed to power the home; however, these are usually more for zero energy type, very efficient, green homes and once again, may not be the norm. Green built homes in the Asheville area will be at least 20% more efficient than a code built home, and may be as much as 100% more energy efficient. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for land, homes or real estate here in Asheville.