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      Blog :: 12-2010

      Asheville Area Lake Homes

      There are hundreds of Asheville area lake homes for sale. The three main area lake communities are Lake Lure, Lake Toxaway, and Biltmore Lake. If you are seeking true luxury resort style homes then one of these areas may be what you are looking for. Lake Lure has been a well know resort community for years and was actually the site where the film Dirty Dancing was filmed over twenty years ago. The area of Lake Lure was discovered in the early 1900s by Dr. Lucius Morse that had a vision of a scenic lake and resort community here in the beautiful mountains. The entire area of about 8000 acres was developed over time and Lake Lure continues to be a popular place that people moving to the mountains desire for their resort style, Lake style homes.

      More about Asheville area lake homes

      Lake Toxaway is about 45 minutes from the Asheville airport and is luxury home living at its best. Most of the luxury homes on Lake Toxaway will be well over one million dollars and at this writing over hundred homes were available in this great area. Lake Toxaway was born by E.H. Jennings in the early 1900s and was the first artificial lake of any size in the Appalachian Mountains. It is 3 miles long and one mile wide with a shore line of 14 miles. Luxury home buyers love Lake Toxaway and this is Luxury Lake living at its best. Many famous people have vacationed and visited the Lake Toxaway Inn such as Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison.
      Asheville Homes

      Asheville Area Lake Homes

      Biltmore Lake is a master planned community here in the Asheville area and also carries a tail of rich history as being the site where a Dutch textile firm did business for almost one hundred years prior to Biltmore Farms purchasing the property for this one of a kind luxury home community. The greater Asheville area spans many counties and includes almost 500,000 people sprawled out in these mountains so as you can imagine searching for custom luxury homes, land and real estate can be a tedious chore if not working with an experienced real estate broker. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate.

      Luxury Homes and Luxury Home Communities in Asheville

      Asheville is a gorgeous city located right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains and blessed in that we have more luxury homes and luxury home communities that most cities of this size. Typically, a luxury home is a home that is in the top 10% of the areas price point for that type of real estate. Luxury homes and luxury home communities can also be defined by unique amenities such as gated entrances, community wellness centers, signature golf courses, club houses, common walking trails, pools and spas. Asheville has many, many luxury homes forbuyers to choose from with most touting gated entrances and signature golf courses for sports enthusiasts.

      Ashevilles leading luxury home communities

      The Cliffs at Walnut Cove You will enjoy pristine country living on 1300 acres of dense forests, Rolling Meadows, clear streams, and majestic mountain views. This gated community has a full security force and is home to a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course and club house village.
      Asheville Luxury Homes

      Asheville Luxury Home Communities

      The Ramble Biltmore Forest This upscale and gated community was developed by the heirs of George Vanderbilt and backs up to Biltmore Forest. Every measure was taken to preserve the natural settings of this development and sustainability has been utilized here just as it was when Vanderbilt first built his estate in the late 1800s. The Cliffs at High Carolina This luxury home development is home to Tiger Woods first ever U.S. golf course. You are just minutes from downtown Asheville, yet miles away in your own world within this natural wonderland of the Carolina Preserve. Enjoy evening mountain settings as only few can imagine while living in your mountain style dream home in this upscale development that is home in nature. Poplar Ridge This one of a kind gated community is Ashevilles best kept secret and home to some of Ashevilles leading professionals. Poplar Ridge is so much more than just a beautiful community filled with gorgeous poplar trees and mountain views. Few Asheville developments feature a sense of community and unity like this one with neighbors getting together on a regular basis for community functions and outings. Poplar Ridge is a must see if searching for that perfect luxury home in Asheville. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate in Asheville.

      Asheville green homes and green home building

      Asheville North Carolina has always been on the cutting edge of green home building, and you will always find an abundance of green homes for sale in the Asheville area. Green homes incorporate environmental considerations, and use high quality sustainable materials to assure that your home is not only at least 30% more energy efficient, but that it had a minimal impact on the environment during the build out stage of construction. There are many components of green home building like site planning, insulating and sealing the home envelope, using high efficiency lighting and appliances, low flow water fixtures as well as special attention to low toxic materials and finishes in the home. Green built homes usually sell better and faster here in any real estate market.

      Energy efficient features

      Many of the energy efficient components in a green built home are easy to spot because they carry the Energy Star seal of approval. Your green built home will have high efficiency windows, doors, appliances, lighting, heating and air systems, hot water heaters and ventilation fans. The home may include solar or renewable type energy systems depending on the level of energy efficiency. Special attention will be paid to the type and process by which the home was built, insulated and sealed for tightness. Energy efficient homes are also built very tight and insulated very well.
      Asheville Green Homes

      Asheville Green Homes

      Water efficiency and indoor air quality

      Green homes will use low flow water fixtures and plumbing devices throughout the home to conserve on water. A typical home for a family of four uses approximately 100,000 gallons of water per year, and a green built home uses half of this number. Native landscaping will also be used outdoors so that water is not required to water the lawn or shrubs. The heating and air system is appropriately sized, balanced and ducts sealed so that fresh air within the green home is healthy. Special attention is also paid to the types of paints and finishes used within the home to assure they are Low VOC and non toxic. Radon mitigation systems are also used in green built homes to once again assure healthy indoor air. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate in Asheville.

      Who buys Asheville Mountain Homes?

      There are many reasons that people choose to move to the mountains of Asheville North Carolina. Asheville mountain homes arelocated such that there is a true four season climate and many really enjoy this kind of beautiful year round living. Outdoor activities are also very popular in the mountains with hiking, biking, running, rafting, and golfing being some of the areas biggest sports. The mountain home lifestyleseems to make people want to live a healthier life and it is not uncommon to see many shopping at the local organic markets for fresh, locally grown produce. Motorcycle enthusiasts really enjoying their weekend tours up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway, taking frequent stops at the many vistas along the way to enjoy the beauty of the current season. Asheville homes and their buyers are very diverse and we are well equipped to serve all new home buyers to this area.

      Nothing compares to the beauty of Asheville

      Rivers and streams run through these mountains in North Carolina and fly fishing here is some of the best you will find anywhere. Artists and musicians are drawn to these mountains with the downtown Asheville area being a wonderland for the art collector as you stroll through almost one hundred different galleries. There are also several local art museums that support our vast number of local modern and traditional artists. The mountains of Asheville also support the performing arts scene and many playhouses here have been here as long as the town was a functioning city. The majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains has inspired writers, artists, and actors to perfect their craft while being one with nature. Visit the Asheville North Carolina Mountains today and discover the many fine homes, land and real estate for sale in this area.
      Asheville Mountain Homes

      Asheville Mountain Homes

      Cost of living is low and real estate is great

      The cost of living in the Asheville North Carolina area is well below the national average and thus housing prices are also below the norm. The area has a great school system and offers several fine institutions of higher learning like the University of North Carolina at Asheville and Warren Wilson College. The medical community in the Asheville area is one of the best in Western North Carolina with many specialty areas being served like cardiac and cancer centers. Sustainable living is also a big draw for many as Asheville is a green home building haven with dozens of certified green homes to choose from. Move to Asheville today and enjoy the mountain lifestyle that George Vanderbilt discovered here over one hundred years ago. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate in Asheville.

      Asheville Equestrian Homes

      There are currently over two hundred great equestrian homes and equestrian farms available for sale here in the Asheville North Carolina and the surrounding mountains of Western North Carolina. The acreage on these equestrian land home packages will vary from as little as one acre to as much as 200 acres. Some of the homes are located within very upscale equestrian communities while others are stand alone properties that offer pristine creeks and streams running through the land. Horses will be at home in nature here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. You will find many great values these days on homes, land and real estate here in the Asheville North Carolina area.

      Why buy an equestrian home in Asheville?

      Many are buying equestrian homes in the Asheville area due to the current bargains and the fact that land and equestrian real estate is becoming scarce in these beautiful mountains. Horse country is growing in the area with many world renowned equestrian centers very close to the Asheville area like The Fence equestrian center located in Tryon NC. Resale values will be good in future years as there becomes less and less equestrian property with acreage available here. Small horse farms with riding rinks and stables are popular with those wanting to relocate to the Asheville area with their horses. Some equestrian homes back up to land conservatories and national forests where riding trails exist for horse lover to use at will. Many equestrian groups have formed in the area and weekend trails rides and campouts are enjoyed by all.
      Asheville Equestrian Homes

      Asheville Equestrian Homes and Horse Farms

      Asheville Area Equestrian Homes with creeks, streams and pastures

      Imagine a time of years gone by where you have that ranch with rolling pastures complete with creeks, streams and that big oak tree to nap under after an afternoon ride. That dream can become a reality here in the mountains of Western North Carolina and for less than you think. If you enjoy riding, or merely enjoy watching the horses roam that free, open land, then an Asheville area equestrian home or equestrian community may be for you. Asheville is also home to a state of the art horse and agricultural center conveniently located on Airport Rd. Start living your equestrian dream today here in Asheville. Contact Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 to learn more about homes, horse farms, equestrian home communities or equine properties here in Asheville NC.

      Vacation Homes in Asheville North Carolina

      Buying vacation homes in Asheville North Carolina can be just a phone call away. There are many great homes, condos, land, eco friendly green homes, luxury homes, luxury mountain homes, golf community homes, gated community homes, foreclosures or just that perfect mountain real estate waiting for you here. Many people purchase that second home in Asheville as a vacation home to be used on weekends and several other longer period stays throughout the year. Others will buy an Asheville vacation home to be used purely as income producing rental property. We help clients both, to purchase rental homes or vacation homes and then to guide them over to the areas various rental property companies.

      Mountain style vacation homes

      Many people out there need a weekend getaway these days as work hours have become longer and life has gotten tougher. Having that perfect mountain style luxury home getaway here in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina may be the answer to all of your problems. Come relax and recharge your batteries while sleeping in, and then having coffee on the deck while taking in the fresh mountain air and views of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains that can be seen for miles. After that morning meditation time you may now be ready to travel outdoors and enjoy the wonders of the mountains here.
      Asheville Vacation Homes

      Buying a Vacation Home In Asheville

      Vacation home owners enjoy the outdoors

      If outdoor activities interest you then please fell free to explore the miles and miles of natural wonderland you will find on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Many have grown fond for the Asheville area because of the fact that the Blue Ridge Parkway runs directly through Asheville giving easy access to trails, hiking, rafting, sight seeing, and even championship level golf play. You can also relax in the downtown Asheville area by touring art museums, art galleries, unique coffee shops and locally owned restaurants ready to serve you world class culinary treats. You will definitely want to travel a short drive to the dozen or so ski slopes and ski resorts that are close to Asheville. Winter skiing is great in the Asheville area. Call Green Mountain Realty for homes, land and real estate in Asheville.

      Asheville Homes, Land and Real Estate

      There are many things that you should consider when buying homes, land, condos, green homes, eco friendly homes, foreclosures, luxury homes, mountain view homes, golf community, gated community or luxury type real estate here in the Asheville North Carolina area. Asheville is a great place that many people seek to relocate to for reasons that vary from its mild seasonal climate to the diversity the community offers for creative types such as artists, writers or crafts people. Home prices in the Asheville NC area are usually below the national average and cost of living is also below the norm. These facts have always struck me as odd since Asheville continues to get rated as a top place to live or retire.

      Asheville homes, styles and types

      Asheville offers homes, land and real estate for just about everyones tastes. Post and beam or timber frame style homes are common in these mountains and are the type of home many choose that are looking to buy in this area. Asheville is a town that believes in sustainability so it is no wonder that the eco friendly green home building craze is also alive and doing well here. The area is home to the Western North Carolina Green Building Council that oversees local green home building construction projects. Tax rates vary from being located within the city of Asheville to being further out so please do your homework when looking at various homes and properties. Home values can vary from area to area so please make sure you are working with an experienced real estate broker when comparing homes.
      Asheville Homes, Land and Real Estate

      Asheville Homes, Land and Real Estate

      Asheville land, locations and real estate improvements

      When purchasing land in the Asheville area you may want to be working with an experienced realtor that understands the issues that home building requires. Do not think that a piece of land is perfect just because it has a great view of the mountains and downtown Asheville. Consider things like site improvements such as underground utilities. If the land does not already have roads and underground utilities run to where the home will be located you may be in for some costly additions prior to building that dream home. If you are personally developing the land make sure you have a thorough understanding of zoning and planning to assure that your new home will comply with city or county ordinances. Developing real estate and building your dream home can be one of your lifes biggest achievements. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land and real estate in Asheville.

      Asheville North Carolina Golf

      Asheville North Carolina offers some of the best golf available here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. There are many signature designed golf courses here as well as gated luxury golf communities such as the Cliffs at High Carolina that will be home to Tiger Woods first ever U.S. course. Jack Nicklaus has designed a course at The Cliffs at Walnut Cove and Donald Ross has had his hand on many local Asheville golf courses. Many avid golfers choose to buy luxury homes in the Asheville area because of its close proximity to many large cities and easy access into and out of the Asheville NC area. The beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is also a large draw for those that enjoy picturesque views while on the course.

      More about Asheville Golf

      The Asheville Country Club will be recognized by many as a place that not only offers championship play, but also home to one of Donald Rosss finest achievements as a golf course designer. This par 71 course was designed and built back in 1928 and is still one of Ashevilles most prized possessions. The club also has a world class pool that serves as a welcome attraction for many families. Dining at the club is certainly a culinary treat that all will enjoy. Club amenities including luxurious locker rooms and fitness centers would make any new member feel right at home. This one of a kind 713 member, private equity membership club is located on Windsor Drive here in Asheville North Carolina.
      Asheville Golf

      Asheville NC Golf and Luxury Home Golf Communities

      Mountain Area Golf in Asheville

      High Vista golf course is tucked away nicely here in the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers one of the areas most scenic 18 hole championship courses. The name should give you an idea of the golf experience that will be waiting on you upon arriving at High Vista Country Club. If municipal golf is more your style then please check out the Asheville Municipal Golf Course that was opened in 1927. This unique course was also designed by the legendary Donald Ross and is par 69 course. You will want to be playing your best as accuracy will be needed while playing this historic and very challenging golf course here in Asheville. If golfing within your development is an ideal setting then please contact Green Mountain Realty today for detailed information on the many luxury homes andluxury golf communities within the greater Asheville area. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate.

      Asheville NC's Grove Park Inn

      Edwin Grove owned a pharmaceutical company in the late 1800s, but he also had a dream to build the most unique resort of its kind here in the beautiful mountains of the Asheville area. Mr. Grove wanted a special home here in the Asheville North Carolina area. His idea to create a resort that overlooked the mountains of the Blue Ridge area became a reality on July 12, 1913. The Grove Park Inn was built in just over a year and without the help of architects or contractors. The Inn has become known as the finest resort hotel in the world and certainly here in Asheville North Carolina. This grand resort was built of granite boulders taken from Sunset Mountain which were hauled to the site by wagon trains, and then fitted into place by Italian stonemasons. Famous people and statesmen from all over have enjoyed visits to the Grove Park Inn including our current President of the United States.

      More about the Grove Park Inn

      During World War II the Inn was leased by the U.S. Government and used to house diplomats. The Navy department converted the Inn to a rest center in 1942. The Army also used the Inn after 1944 until the end of the war as a Redistribution Center where soldiers stayed upon coming back from duty overseas until they could be reassigned. The Inn changed hands many time before 1955 until it was purchased by Dallas magnate Charles Sammons. A new era for the Inn arrived in 1982 when a multi-million dollar expansion was begun and provided for the renovation of the main lodge, adding a wing, and remodeling the Country Club.
      Asheville Homes

      The Grove Park Inn - Asheville NC

      Golf Course and Spa at the Inn

      The golf course at the Grove Park Inn was actually there in 1899 before the hotel was actually built. The course was redesigned by Donald Ross in 1924 and is now owned by the resort. The course is a par-70 course and is a member club that is also open to the public and guests. In 1999 the Inn embraced a 60 million dollar expansion that added the 40,000 square foot spa that now serves as the Inns centerpiece. Located largely underground the spa was designed to be one of the finest in the world with most guests wanting to spend the majority of their time in this rejuvenating area of the current resort. Famous guests of the Grove Park Inn include Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Jerry Seinfeld, William Howard Taft, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bobby Jones, Will Rogers, President Obama, Harry Houdini and scores of other famous and influential people. The Grove Park Inn is a must see while here in the Asheville NC area. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for homes, land or real estate in Asheville.

      The Asheville Luxury Real Estate Market

      Luxury Real Estate options have never been better here in Asheville North Carolina. There are currently around three hundred and forty six luxury homes available in the Asheville and surrounding mountain areas of Western North Carolina. Luxury home buyers in the Asheville area will have many choices in many different locations. The mountain home architecture of this area is appealing to many seeking that luxury retreat or weekend getaway. Asheville is known for its many fine luxury and custom home builders as well as some of the best architects in the country, all living and working in this area.

      How would you define luxury real estate?

      To many, luxury real estate is purely defined as being real estate that is in the top ten percent of the market relative to median cost. Others define luxury real estate as being a piece of property that has luxury style appointments, unique features and amenities typically not found with other properties. With many luxury gated and golf developments existing in the Asheville area you will have no issue finding that perfect, one of a kind, luxury home or property. There are several Cliffs communities in the Asheville area, with the Cliffs at High Carolina being home to Tiger Woods first ever U.S. golf course. The Cliffs at Walnut Cove is home to a Jack Nicklaus signature course.

      The Asheville Luxury Real Estate Market

      Want luxury without being in a development?

      There are still many fine pieces of property and tracts of land that are not located within developments or subdivisions. Be careful when searching for land if you are considering building your dream home on that parcel. Make sure your realtor understands land development, zoning, and the facets of building a luxury home. We are not only realtors here at Green Mountain Realty, but we are also developers and luxury home builders which helps us better equip our luxury home buyers with the information they need when making those new home decisions. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for luxury homes, land and real estate in Asheville.