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      Why Buy an ECO Friendly Green Home in Asheville?

      New home buyers are slowly getting an education on why green built homes are better, sell quicker and for more money than those built in more traditional age old manners. Eco friendly green built homes are not only more comfortable to live in with much lower energy bills, they also have healthier indoor air quality for their occupants by utilizing less carcinogenic building materials, require less ongoing maintenance, and usually are built to last lifetimes. Asheville NC has been a leading producer of green homes. Green Mountain Realty is a leader as a green certified realtor/builder.
      Asheville NC Green Homes

      Eco Friendly Green Homes

      Green building uses higher quality materials and resources

      Green built homes utilize many recycled and reclaimed building materials that are by nature higher quality, more sustainable and made to last longer than their virgin made counterparts. Green building contractors are usually certified by one or more national programs assuring that they have a firm knowledge base in place to utilize best green building practices & procedures. The home is designed, planned and built by a team of green certified professionals on each project, and thus is always a higher quality home.

      Green homes are more energy efficient

      Green built and certified homes are typically thirty (30) to sixty (60) percent more energy efficient that a standard code built home. These energy gains are usually due to being built with more insulation in the walls and roofline. The home also has less air infiltration due to better sealing of the envelope, and utilizes more energy efficient heating & cooling systems, lighting, and appliances. Best practices are also used for hot water heating systems, and water conserving fixtures throughout the home. Some green home buyers opt for solar electric systems to help offset the small amounts of energy their homes do use.

      Green homes sell quicker and for more money

      It has been shown nationally that green built homes sell for up to 25% more and are on the market for 25% less time than their counterparts. Most multiple listing services are currently adding new categories to make searching for green built homes in communities even easier. Contact Green Mountain Realty or call (828)-215-9064 with any questions or for a tour of Asheville green homes.