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      Blog :: 10-2010

      Enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville

      New home owners and families searching for homes, land or real estate here in the Asheville NC area will quickly discover the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway that cuts directly through the Asheville area. The parkway is one of the most scenic roads in America and offers plenty of spots for picnics, photo opportunities, overlooks, vistas, hiking and a break from commercialized, business filled roadsides. The 469 mile stretch of pavement is part of U.S. National Park Service and connects Shenandoah with the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. You will not find a more romantic drive in all of the United States than that of an afternoon tour up or down the Blue Ridge Parkway, taking stops along the way to enjoy its beauty.

      Here are some tips to enjoying the Blue Ridge Parkway

      You should drive slow and enjoy the scenery while on the parkway. The speed limit is only 45 miles per hour and this is not a freeway so drive slow, stop frequently at the overlooks and vistas to enjoy your day. Take a blanket and prepare a picnic since you will find many green areas along the way perfect for this afternoon activity. Do not forget a jacket since temperatures can drop considerably at the higher elevations along the parkway. Take a camera and enjoy special photo moments with hikers, bicyclists and sometimes an occasion bear looking for a snack. Please gas up the car before entering the parkway as you will find few businesses, except for one or two restaurants along the long, winding roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
      Asheville NC Blue Ridge Parkway

      The Blue Ridge Parkway In Asheville

      How do you access the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville?

      You can access the parkway at many locations in the Asheville area like exits on Hwy 25, Hendersonville Rd. toward South Asheville, U.S. 70 east of town or Highway 191, just off of Interstate I-26. You can travel North or South on the Blue Ridge Parkway and quickly climb to elevations in excess of 5000 feet. There are actually a total of five (5) entrances to the parkway here in the Asheville area. Please note that the higher elevations of the parkway are closed during the winter months due to chances of ice and snow. There are hiking trails all along the parkway and are very accessible from road shoulders and public parking lots. Craggy Gardens is a popular picnic spot just 24 miles up the parkway going north toward Mt. Mitchell. Enjoy your exploring on the Blue Ridge Parkway while always obeying the rules of the National Park Service as this is considered a federal installation. Call Green Mountain Realty at (828)-215-9064 for homes, land or real estate in the Asheville NC area.

      A Quick Overview of Asheville North Carolina

      Asheville NC is a great city for people that love the outdoors. This area, including the entire Blue Ridge Parkway yearns to be explored and enjoyed. Activities like hiking, biking, and white water rafting are very popular in the area. Asheville has this special aura about it that is hard to describe. Many have moved here to discover their inner child, while others have relocated here to more aggressively pursue their arts and culture interests. Whatever the reason, you will find that Asheville has all of the components needed to feed your mind, body and soul. Homes, condosandmountain real estatein the Asheville areais veryaffordable and readily available.

      Some quick facts about the Asheville area

      Asheville NC is proudly located in the heart of Buncombe County and has a city population of around 70,000. The entire county has a population of around 225,000 and the average commute that you will enjoy in this area is 15 minutes. The median age of people living in the Asheville area is 40, and their median income is around $35,000 to $40,000 while the median home price is about $220,000. Asheville is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is both a valley and mountain town. The area boasts a distinctive four season climate with mild temperatures varying from the low 30s in the winter to 80s in the summer months.
      Asheville NC Facts

      Asheville NC Facts

      Asheville Economy is tourist based

      Tourism, health services, and hospitality are major businesses here in the Asheville NC area. There are several large hospitals in the area and the health care field is a major employer in the area and is constantly expanding. There is steady population growth here due to retiring baby boomers that fuel the growing home sales in this area. Service type industries that accommodate the roughly 400,000 people in both Buncombe and Henderson Counties are also very popular for those seeking employment in the area. Asheville is also home to many liberal arts colleges including University of North Carolina at Asheville and Warren Wilson College which is located in the community of Swannanoa, about 4 miles from the east side of Asheville NC. Contact Green Mountain Realty at (828)-215-9064 to tour new homes, condos and real estate here.

      Enjoy fine golf and Luxury Homes in Asheville North Carolina

      Asheville North Carolina has some of the finest homes, golf courses and golf communities in the world. Many of Ashevilles golf courses have been designed by golf legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Tom Jackson, and Donald Ross. Tiger Woods is currently designing his first ever U.S. course that will be built at the new luxury home golf community here called The Cliffs at High Carolina. The great seasonal climate here in Asheville accommodates year round golfing on perfectly manicured courses.
      Tiger Woods First U.S. Golf Course in Asheville NC

      Tiger Woods

      Biltmore Forest Country Club is a private member owned club

      Biltmore Forest Country Club was established in 1922 after Mrs. Edith Vanderbilt, widow of George W. Vanderbilt was instrumental in acquiring the land where the town of Biltmore Forest resides today. Donald Ross was retained to design the golf course and some of the original designers of the Biltmore Estate were hired to design and oversee build out of the clubhouse, grounds, and homes. Many of our famous leaders and golfers have enjoyed Biltmore Forest Country Clubs beauty such as Bobby Jones, John D. Rockefeller, William Taft, and Calvin Coolidge. The golf course at Biltmore Forest Country Club is special and a delight to play.

      The Cliffs at Walnut Cove boasts a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course

      The Jack Nicklaus golf course at the Cliffs at Walnut Cove is the only course in this area that opened to PGA tournament ready conditions. This beautiful course sits back in one of the finest Jim Anthony Cliffs luxury gated communities, offering a true country club setting that takes place on 1,300 of the most pristine acres of dense forests, rolling meadows and clear streams known to man. Walnut Cove provides an exciting world class course in a natural setting for golf. You will almost feel like you are playing a round of golf in the national forest.

      Enjoy living and playing golf on the first ever Tiger Woods designed golf course

      The Cliffs at High Carolina will be host to the first ever Tiger Woods designed golf course here in the United States. This gated master planned community enjoys the four-season splendor of the Asheville area. You will not only enjoy the finest golf, you will also find extended long range views of the Blue Ridge mountains for more than 50 miles while being at elevations that top 4000 feet. Inspiring 360 degree views will adorn you through the day while playing a round of golf, hiking the natural trails, resting by a tumbling waterfall or just watching some wildlife inside the community.
      Call Green Mountain Realty today at (828)-215-9064 for a tour of the best luxury golf course communities and homes here in Asheville NC.

      Why are people moving to Asheville?

      The diversity of the Asheville NC area has caused many talented and creative people to relocate here and to call this great city their new home. George Vanderbilt knew that Asheville was a special mountain town when he discovered it over one hundred years ago. World famous artists, authors, celebrities and movie stars all call Asheville NC their home now. New homes, condos, land, and real estate has never been more affordable here in Western North Carolina and the Asheville NC area. In Asheville, the quality of life is unbelievable, giving you mountain top beauty, arts, culture, dining and some of the finest health care facilities around.

      Asheville is very diverse

      People are drawn to the Asheville area because it is a beautiful area, has charm, culture, and a very different kind of energy. Many come to Asheville to discover themselves or to simply reinvent who they are. A tour of the downtown area will help you to quickly understand what the cross cultural diversity is like here in our great city. Asheville is the largest city in Western North Carolina thus making it the center for manufacturing, transportation, tourism, health care, banking, and other professional services. Although the city is very progressive, it is also known for its deep ties to mountain tradition, native people and folk art that make it so special. Asheville is home to countless annual festivals that welcome food, music and the arts like the Bele Chere festival that is held here every July.
      Asheville NC Culture

      Asheville NC Culture

      The Asheville economy is healthy

      The Asheville NC economy is very healthy and maintains a constant growth since the city continues to be a number one new home destination for retiring baby boomers. The unemployment rate here in Asheville is usually below the state and national average according to data compiled by the local chamber of commerce. Visiting the mountains of Asheville is truly a glorious experience and that is why most people that visit our city multiple times usually decide to find a way to move here. Spiritual awakenings have been documented by many that have relocated to this great area. Asheville is a health conscious town and an eco green lifestyle is enjoyed by many that area part of the sustainability movement that is so popular here. People flock to Asheville for a multitude of reasons that include personal growth, relaxation, healing or to just find their inner child. The cost of living in Asheville is below average and homes, land and real estate can be very affordable if you do your home work. Call Green Mountain Realty today at (828)-215-9064 for all of your home, land or real estate needs.

      Asheville's most popular tourist attractions

      There are many top attractions for people visiting or buying a home in the Asheville NC area. Attractions in the area range from touring the grounds, winery, and main house at the Biltmore Estate in Biltmore Village to simply taking a relaxing drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. A stroll through the many downtown art galleries or the Asheville Art Museum is also very popular with locals and out of town folks alike. Homes and real estate options are great here in Asheville.

      The Biltmore Estate is an amazing piece of history in Asheville

      George Vanderbilts labor of love continues to amaze people that visit the Biltmore Estate some one hundred years later. What began in 1895 as a vision by Mr. Vanderbilt is now one of the most visited tourist attractions in the United States. This was and still is one of the largest private estates and the most treasured piece of real estate in this country. The Biltmore grounds are still as beautiful and majestic today as they were back when this country estate was designed and built in 1895.
      Asheville NC Biltmore Estate

      George Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate

      The North Carolina Arboretum offers lush gardens, trails and exhibits

      Each year more than 300,000 people experience the beauty and natural wonders at the North Carolina Arboretum. You will find gardens, trails, exhibits, shows, expos, programs, and lectures that spread over the entire 434 acres of natural beauty that the Arboretum offers. Visitors come from around the world to see the featured traveling exhibits, the sites Production Greenhouse, and the cultivated gardens which include one of the most unique bonsai collections in the universe.

      The Asheville Art Museum is home to some of the finest art in Asheville

      You will find an extraordinary collection of 20th and 21st century American art located here at one of Ashevilles most prized attractions. The Asheville Art Museum annually presents an active line up of exhibits and public programs that exude the true spirit of art here in the Asheville NC area. Renowned regional artists can be seen here as well as some of western North Carolinas most cherished cultural heritage artists. The Museum also offers a wide range of innovative and creative educational programs for all ages. Visit the Asheville Art Museum today to get a flair for what Asheville art is all about.

      Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and relax

      Mere words will not describe the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains as you tour the Blue Ridge Parkway some sunny, clear day here in Asheville. The parkway is a major draw for tourists and especially popular for motorcycle riders of any age. The outstanding scenery, hiking trails, camping, fishing, wildlife and bicycling opportunities make the Blue Ridge Parkway one of the most visited areas of the National Forest system. You will enjoy endless vista overlook areas as you tour and enjoy the sites that the parkway has to offer. Contact Green Mountain Realty today at (828)-215-9064 for a tour of homes and real estate in the Asheville area.

      What type of jobs will you find in Asheville?

      Many choose to move and live in the Asheville NC area for a multitude of reasons. The beautiful mountain scenery is just one reason, while some pursue the electric arts and culture that Asheville offers. For many, finding employment in the Asheville job market is a difficult task. Unless you have the education and training required to get a job in the health care industry, your options will most likely be limited to hotel, tourism, or food and beverage type jobs. The hospitality industry in the Asheville area is going strong and for good reason since Asheville continues to be a top draw for travelers to the mountains of Western North Carolina. The new home and real estate market has always done well here due to Asheville being a popular mountain town destination for second home owners and retirees.

      Keep the faith and Asheville jobs can be found

      Do not let this gloomy outlook on Asheville employment keep you from moving to one of the most beautiful areas in the country though. The benefits of mountain living in the Asheville area far exceed the lack of jobs that are available here. For many, self employment is the key to leading a happy and financially productive life here. There are many entrepreneurs that have relocated to Asheville to set up new home based, internet style businesses and many have become quite successful. Asheville self employment can take on many different forms such as consulting, healing arts, health, wellness, or tourism related seasonal type businesses.
      Asheville NC Jobs

      Asheville Jobs

      Tips for the job search here in the Asheville area

      To find solid employment that will yield you a living wage in this area you may want to identify your strengths and what your best talents are that others here would be most interested in. You may also want to identify areas of improvement and how to shine over others in your field. It is always helpful to do your homework and study the employment sites in the area so that you do not set your expectations too high for a job here. Make sure that you have enough of a financial cushion to survive, eat and pay bills while searching for that new job. Utilize key jobsites like craigslist and also consider temporary work if needed until something better and more stable comes along. Just remember, job hunting can be tiresome, and Asheville is a tourism based city so always consider your options carefully when moving here. Call Green Mountain Realty today at (828)-215-9064 for all of your new home, condo, eco green home or real estate needs in the Asheville area.

      Asheville NC Offers Great Health Care

      The Asheville NC area is blessed with an abundance of health care options that offers residents access to around one thousand health care professionals in this area. The Asheville and surrounding buncombe county area contain a variety of hospitals and doctors from nearly every area of the medical field. There are more than five hundred doctors and over one hundred dentists in the Asheville area, and that number is steadily growing. Locals and out of towners appreciate the sophistication of this regions medical community.

      Mission Hospital is Ashevilles regional referral center

      Mission Hospital is the regional referral center here in Asheville and is home to 716 staffed beds. Mission is the only state-designated Level II Trauma Center in Western North Carolina. They are considered to be one of Americas best orthopedic centers and intern teaching facilities. Areas of specialty at Mission Hospital include adult medicine, childrens, orthopedics, heart clinic, vascular center, cancer, urology, behavioral, emergency and trauma services. New home buyers here in Asheville NC will appreciate the great medical community at their finger tips.
      Asheville NC Hospitals

      Asheville Health Care

      Veterans will enjoy medical care at Ashevilles VA Medical Center

      The Asheville VA medical center is a 112 bed acute care facility in Western North Carolina. They also operate a separate 120 bed extended care and Rehabilitation Center that serves Western North Carolina as well as parts of South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Eligible veterans will enjoy comprehensive health care at this broad range medical facility conveniently located in central Asheville. The VA Medical Center is also a teaching hospital that provides a full range of patient care to veterans in this area including general medicine, surgery, psychiatric, rehabilitation, neurology, oncology, geriatric and dental services.

      Pardee Hospital is a not-for profit community hospital

      Pardee hospital is a not for profit hospital that was founded in 1953 and has 222 acute care beds. In additional to the hospital, they have a nursing facility, an adult day care facility, home health services, a rehab and sports therapy complex, womens health center and several internal medicine practices. Pardee has many community outreach programs that promote health, wellness and disease prevention. New clinics for Pardee include a breast center, a medical detox ward, and a speech therapy unit. Pardee has been ranked as one of the top 5% of hospitals in the nation for clinical excellence. Superior health care has always been a primary concern for those seeking to purchase real estate in a new area like Asheville NC. Contact Green Mountain Realty at (828)-215-9064 for luxury homes, condos or real estate here in Asheville NC.

      Discover Asheville Attractions for Recreation, Arts and More

      Downtown Asheville NC attractionscan keep you entertained for many hours or many days. Local artists and street musicians gather to make Asheville this kind of new age mecca that many have come to love. There is always something happening here no matter what the time of day or season of the year. You can enjoy coffee, food or merely stroll through Ashevilles thirty (30) different art galleries. Shoppers will enjoy one of a kind boutiques, hand made arts, or locally produced furniture and woodwork pieces.
      Asheville NC Attractions - Blue Ridge Parkway

      Blue Ridge Parkway

      Seasonal fun in the Asheville area is always great

      In the fall you can take scenic drives and see some of the best foliage this country has to offer. The annual changing of leaf color is a big attraction for many travelling on the Blue Ridge Parkway. During the holidays you can enjoy visiting the Biltmore Estate and view it with all of its Christmas decorations. Winter offers mild climates with short distances to mountain top, snow covered resorts for skiing and snow boarding. Spring is special here as plants bloom and give new color to the parkway for those leisurely afternoon drives. Summertime in Asheville is always alive with music, concerts and outdoor festivals such as Bele Chere which draws an annual 300,000 out of town visitors. Many visitors will choose to shop for local homes and real estate while they are here during Bele Chere.

      Outdoor Recreation and Activities is always alive in this area

      Outdoor recreation and activities seem to be endless here in the Western North Carolina mountain areas. Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy countless hours touring and exploring the winding roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Other popular activities include hiking the trails, white water rafting, mountain biking, and climbing some of the highest peaks in the Eastern United States. Mount Mitchell, which is only a short drive from Asheville, is the highest mountain to the east side of the Mississippi, and is visited by thousands per year. If you like the outdoors, enjoy nature and love to take photos of the beauty of these mountains, then Asheville NC will be a dream come true for you. Call Green Mountain Realty today at (828)-215-9064 or visit us at www.AshevilleNCRealty.com for mountain homes, luxury condos or real estate here in the Asheville NC area.

      Carefree Luxury Condo Living In Asheville NC

      There are many different types of condominiums available here in the Asheville NC area. Some are like apartments while others are like townhouses. They also vary in price from the low 100s to well over a million here depending upon location and amenities. Condo living is different from owning or renting an apartment or home. Condo owners typically share in the costs associated in operating and maintaining the shared elements of the property such as lobbies, passageways, elevators etc. that are essential parts of the complex or community. Here is a look at a few of the condo projects in this area.

      The Fitzgerald is a luxury condo project that overlooks the Grove Park Inn Golf Course

      This is a luxury condoproject in Asheville that is located at the Grove Park Inn, overlooking the golf course and having exceptional long range mountain views of the western North Carolina area. The condo complexfeatures French architecture with amenities that include private balconies, hickory floors, granite countertops, secured private parking lot and an optional resort amenities package. Prices for these limited number luxury condos start at just over a million dollars and go up to around $2,000,000.
      Asheville NC Condos

      Asheville NC Luxury Condos

      The Cliffs at Walnut Cove feature luxury golf community condominiums

      These luxury home condos are located at Ashevilles premier gated golf course community, The Cliffs at Walnut Cove. They feature stacked stone construction, porches, garages, and many amenities for the upscale luxury home buyer here in the Asheville NC area. Enjoy an exceptional country club lifestyle in this one of a kind golf course community that is home to Ashevilles only Jack Nicklaus signature course. The development is home to many walking trails, club village and a world class wellness center. The community spans 1,300 beautiful acres of pristine and majestic mountain property close to everything great here in Asheville.

      Enjoy Downtown Asheville Condo Living at 60 North Market

      The condos at 60 North Market are some of the most luxurious condosavailable here in the downtown Asheville area. They are in the heart of downtown Asheville and offer 10 foot high ceilings, granite countertops, hardwood floors, private balconies and a cozy rooftop terrace. You will enjoy panoramic views of the downtown area since windows span from floors to ceiling in each unit making the cityscape and mountain views just perfect in every way. There are several one and two bedroom floor plans to choose from and prices vary from about the 300s to the 800s. Call Green Mountain Realty today at (828)-215-9064 or visit us at www.AshevilleNCRealty.com forall of your condo, luxury home or real estate needs here in the Asheville NC area.

      Lock and Go Gated Homes in Asheville NC

      Lock and go homes in Asheville NC offer both safety and peace of mid for home owners. Many part year residents of Asheville agree that the ease of this type of home ownership adds to the amount of quality time they are able to enjoy while spending time at their second home here. Another term that is synonymous with lock and go is gated community. These communities will commonly have a guard at the entrances security gate to assure that only homeowners and guests are allowed into the development. There are dozens upon dozens of great gated communities in the Asheville area.
      Asheville NC Gated Communities

      The Cliffs Gated Community In Asheville NC

      Lock and Go Communities Offer Safety and Peace of Mind

      The Cliffs at Walnut Cove boasts a signature Jack Nicklaus PGA tour ready golf course that opened in 2005. This course has been described as being perfect and flawless by many tour professionals, actors and celebrities. Nested here on 1300 pristine acres in Asheville NC, this development is special in everyway possible. This luxury gated community has everything offers many amenities including walking trails, wellness center, nature center, and a full club village including taverns and restaurants.

      The Ramble at Biltmore Forest, gated beauty is just minutes to downtown Asheville

      The Ramble at Biltmore Forest was conceived by George Vanderbilts descendants and includes preserved natural settings, beautiful community parks and one of kind streetscapes. Inside gates of this luxury gated development, you will find a living well center, three parks, and many miles of natural walking trails. The Ramble sets the standard for Asheville real estate and is nestled on more than 900 acres that backs directly up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Just minutes to downtown Asheville also makes the Ramble at Biltmore Forest one of Ashevilles most desirable new gated communities.

      The Settings of Black Mountain, remote, yet just miles to Asheville

      Located in beautiful Black Mountain, just off I-40 is one of the areas most luxurious gated communities. This very special master planned community is host to 300 single family home sites. The Settings offers arts and crafts style architecture that is common in the mountains of western North Carolina. Community amenities include trails, parks, gardens, and a clubhouse complete with fitness center, meeting rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, extraordinary viewing decks, and a pool. This very special development is only minutes to downtown Black Mountain and mere miles to downtown Asheville. Black Mountain is quickly becoming a must see by many visitors. Contact Green Mountain Realty or call (828)-215-9064 with any questions or for a tour of Asheville homes and gated lock and go communities.