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      Buying Vacation Homes in Asheville

      Buying vacation homes in Asheville NC is not as hard as most people think. We enjoy working with out of town clients that are seeking to buy vacation homes here in the Asheville area with the intent that they will use their home as a part time vacation home while also placing it into a rental pool with a local Asheville vacation real estate rental company. Most companies in the area will charge anywhere from 10% to 30% fees to keep your vacation home rented for you on an ongoing basis. Some of these companies can also handle everything from routine maintenance, yard care, renovations, upgrades and the house cleaning tasks that will be needed upon people checking out of your rental.

      Vacation homes as rental properties

      There are so many important things to know about buying vacation homes as rentals that we will not be able to cover all of the necessary topics here today. Working with an experienced Realtor may be essential if your goal is to buy the right vacation home to be used as a rental here in the Asheville area. Depending upon the actual location of the vacation home and the deed restrictions you will not be able to purchase some homes and use as rentals as this will be prohibited. Once again, a Realtor will be able to perform the due diligence to assure that requirements are met if buying a home to rent for the majority of the year is your goal. There are also many things you will want to understand about the out lying areas of Asheville and what seems to rent better and where.
      Asheville NC Vacation Homes

      Vacation Homes in Asheville

      Rental companies for vacation homes in Asheville

      Vacation rental companies in the Asheville area may be willing to share rental records with you on other properties they rent to give you an idea of the strength of the rental market here. It is also very important that you purchase the type mountain vacation home that most are seeking to rent in the Asheville area. It has been our understanding that most people renting vacation homes here in the area desire a rustic cabin type home with mountain views, fireplace, internet service, perhaps a hot tub on the deck and good access to the Asheville area. Once again, working with an experienced Realtor like our firm that works with local vacation rental companies will be essential to accomplish your goals. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for vacation homes, land and real estate here in the Asheville area.

      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate for Investors

      Asheville NC commercial real estate and commercial real estate in general has been yielding investors some pretty fair gains lately and as more and more distressed commercial assets enter the market the gains are even more attractive. Many people have built wealth in the real estate market by investing in one property, selling that property for a gain and then reinvesting the total amount into another like property. This process of moving the real estate investment forward without an immediate tax penalty is called a 1031 exchange and works quite well for many real estate investors out there and in the Asheville NC area. We find that many people moving to the Asheville area have investment real estate in other parts of the country and depending upon the properties and type may want to sell those investments to move their new real estate holdings closer to home. As developers, building contractors and of course commercial real estate brokers we enjoy helping our clients find the best properties that will suit their overall investment needs and goals. There are many excellent income producing commercial properties out there yielding above 10% Capitalization Rates. To calculate a Capitalization Rate you simply take the yearly income of a property and subtract operating expenses to obtain your net operating income and then divide by your total investment in the property. Commercial real estate investors that are wishing to realize huge gains in the real estate market will want to work with an informed commercial real estate firm that has access to distressed commercial properties that be bought for pennies on the dollar. Many of these larger gain properties do require a little work to re-adjust the property for its newest use so that it can be re-marketed and sold off, but these are usually the highest gain deals in the market place and savvy real estate investors are going after these. And lastly, there are some developers out there in trouble on notes and it is quite easy for a commercial real estate firm to help real estate investor clients find these discounted notes on some really great properties.
      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate

      Commercial Real Estate in Asheville NC

      Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for commercial real estate in Asheville or the North Carolina area.

      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate Investments

      Asheville NC is a great are not just for luxury homes, but also for commercial real estate investments and investors that are seeking out large cap rate income producing properties or just great return on investment capital commercial real estate projects. Many developers got into trouble during the residential and commercial real estate boom of the last ten years and now commercial real estate offerings are better than ever for investors that are financially stable. We are dealing with many commercial real estate properties and projects that can easily net an investor between 20 percent to 50 percent returns.

      Asheville NC commercial real estate for investors

      The commercial real estate properties we are discussing here are not the simple buy and re sell properties but the ones that require a tad of re-development, re-marketing work and sell of by an experienced real estate firm well versed in commercial real estate that understands development costs, Proformas, contractor costs and what it takes to perform nationwide mass marketing of a project or property. Here at Green Mountain Realty we are experienced developers, commercial and residential building contractors, experienced brokers as well as marketing experts. We are also quite good at finding distressed commercial real estate that is ready for a newer and better, highest and best use.
      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate Investments

      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate Investments

      Great return commercial real estate investments

      If you are an commercial real estate investor that is tired of getting less than 10 percent returns on your commercial real estate investments then you may want to join our team and let your money work for you. We make commercial real estate investments easy because we do all of the hard work and let you receive the majority of the profits. We currently have commercial real estate investment properties and projects of all types and risks that are ready for immediate purchase. Some of the largest and highest return properties are heavily distressed and will be sold soon as we have started marketing our commercial real estate expertise for investors world wide. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for commercial real estate investments, 1031 exchanges and commercial projects today.