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      Finding The Best Asheville Real Estate

      Lets talk about how the process works for clients that are finding the best Asheville real estate here in the area for less and then getting the better homes. When a client calls us about Asheville real estate we first ask them if they truly want the highest quality and best Asheville homes here at the best prices. If their answer is yes we then explain our process that saves clients thousands in all cases. First we must explain the listing brokers who take listings are working for the seller, so buyers will almost always pay full list price if they are trying to negotiate directly with the listing agent. This is mistake number one with most uneducated buyers trying to get deals on Asheville real estate here.

      Asheville Real Estate for Less If We Are Your Realtor

      Savvy buyers will always pick a top shelf Realtor like us to serve as their dedicated buyers agent. We charge buyers nothing since our commissions come from the seller in all cases per an agreement in the mls system. Basically, if a buyer deals directly with a listing broker, the listing broker gets to keep a double commission rather that splitting it with the buyer broker which is us in this case. So if we cost a buyer nothing, and have the tools to save you thousands on homes why would you ever want to run to the listing broker? Once again, smart buyers that are buying homes or Asheville real estate will always choose a buyers agent when they understand the facts.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Finding The Best Asheville Real Estate for Less

      Always Get a Buyers Agent for Asheville Real Estate

      Never go it alone when spending serious money on Asheville real estate. Always get a dedicated buyers broker that understands the market and knows how to save you money. Our specialty is being the best buyers broker in the area and we rarely even take listings for Asheville real estate. Know the rules when buying Asheville real estate or you will pay list price for homes when you could have probably bought them for thousands less with us by your side. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for Asheville homes, cabins, condos or any other type of Asheville real estate that you wish to buy at great prices.