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      Asheville NC Eco Friendly Green Homes

      Asheville NC has long been a source for eco friendly green homes and experienced green home builders. Eco friendly green homes are high quality homes that are built to a green specification set forth by the client and then certified by third parties to assure that the home has met all requirements. Green built homes will usually be at least 30 percent more energy efficient than other homes and most will be healthier to love in because most green building programs require that less toxic materials are used within the construction of the home, thus making the indoor air quality of a green built home better for its residents.

      Green Homes save energy

      The main components of any green building program are site, energy, water, materials, home envelope, and indoor air quality. Minimal impact is made to the home site when a green home is built by removing only the required trees and only disturbing the soil where the home will be placed. Native plants and turf will be installed that is hearty and requires little or no water. A green home will be typically built using more insulation, and having fewer thermal breaks while sealing the home envelope tighter for reduced energy consumption. Energy Star appliances, lighting, HVAC and hot water heaters will be used that have much higher energy efficiency ratings than their counterparts.
      Asheville NC Eco Friendly Green Homes

      Asheville NC Eco Friendly Green Homes

      Green Homes have better indoor air quality

      Water consumption will be reduced in the home by using low flow water fixtures and perhaps dual flush toilets. Low or no V.O.C. building materials, paints, finishes, caulks and adhesives will be used in the home so that off gassing of toxic fumes is reduced and provides for healthier indoor air. Energy recovery ventilation systems along with proper dampers and air balance of the home can also be provided so that the new green built home has proper air turn over for cleaner, healthier indoor air quality. Green homes are planned and built to a higher standard than normal building code and thus are higher quality, more energy efficient and will typically last longer while being healthier to live in. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for green homes, land or real estate here in the Asheville area.

      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate Investments

      Asheville NC is a great are not just for luxury homes, but also for commercial real estate investments and investors that are seeking out large cap rate income producing properties or just great return on investment capital commercial real estate projects. Many developers got into trouble during the residential and commercial real estate boom of the last ten years and now commercial real estate offerings are better than ever for investors that are financially stable. We are dealing with many commercial real estate properties and projects that can easily net an investor between 20 percent to 50 percent returns.

      Asheville NC commercial real estate for investors

      The commercial real estate properties we are discussing here are not the simple buy and re sell properties but the ones that require a tad of re-development, re-marketing work and sell of by an experienced real estate firm well versed in commercial real estate that understands development costs, Proformas, contractor costs and what it takes to perform nationwide mass marketing of a project or property. Here at Green Mountain Realty we are experienced developers, commercial and residential building contractors, experienced brokers as well as marketing experts. We are also quite good at finding distressed commercial real estate that is ready for a newer and better, highest and best use.
      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate Investments

      Asheville NC Commercial Real Estate Investments

      Great return commercial real estate investments

      If you are an commercial real estate investor that is tired of getting less than 10 percent returns on your commercial real estate investments then you may want to join our team and let your money work for you. We make commercial real estate investments easy because we do all of the hard work and let you receive the majority of the profits. We currently have commercial real estate investment properties and projects of all types and risks that are ready for immediate purchase. Some of the largest and highest return properties are heavily distressed and will be sold soon as we have started marketing our commercial real estate expertise for investors world wide. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for commercial real estate investments, 1031 exchanges and commercial projects today.