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      Buying Asheville Real Estate for the Hiking

      Many folks will buy Asheville Real Estate this year so that they can be close to these mountains and enjoy daily or weekly hikes in our beautiful forests. Our forests and mountains can be like our majestic Asheville Real Estate which is truly inspirational to look at and enjoy. This Realtor was never a big hiker before moving to the Asheville area but now it seems to be a part of my life. I really enjoy taking those drives up the Blue Ridge Parkway to that hiking destination on the weekends. Hiking can be a great way to both enjoy the outdoors and also get some great full body exercise at the same time. Many will come visit this area for vacation, see the beauty and then start the search for that perfect Asheville Real Estate. I will be heading out this morning to the Pisgah area to take a short hike up to the top of Mount Pisgah where the radio tower is. Upon coming back down the mountain I will probably choose to grab some lunch at the Pisgah Innand enjoy some great food as well as stellar mountain views. When our clients visit the area and buying Asheville Real Estate is their goal, we also like to show them the sites and everything that Asheville has to offer. We feel like the Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate offerings are special enough, but once people get a real taste or the area they seem to be sold instantly. The greater Asheville area offers thousands of great options for those seeking Asheville Real Estate and the activities in this area are almost countless from the outdoors, to the arts scene, to dining, shopping and exploring these mountains.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Buy Asheville Real Estate for Hiking

      So why choose Green Mountain Realty when shopping for Asheville Real Estate? The number one answer would be because we save clients more money on area homes and real estate. Our vast background in construction and real estate enables us to help clients and buyers of all types save thousands more when they are ready to purchase Asheville Real Estate. We go the extra mile and walk our clients through the entire Asheville Real Estate buying experience. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 and see if we are the Realtor for you and lets get the process started for finding you the best Asheville Real Estate at the best prices.

      More Asheville Real Estate Choices

      We offer clients and buyers many more Asheville Real Estate choices and thus make buying that Asheville Real Estate a rather easy process here in the mountains. When dealing with out of town clients we try to paint the picture as to what Asheville and these mountains have to offer. We are a very special place nestled in these Blue Ridge Mountains yet so close to many major cities, interstates, and great airports. There are many reasons that folks choose Asheville as their second home or vacation home destination with great access, location and overall beauty being at the top of the lists. Asheville Real Estate prices are wonderful considering that we are a top ten destination in the United States. We help buyers find Asheville Real Estate bargains on local area homes, cabins and land. As local land developers and licensed building contractors our services as the most experienced local Realtors is broad and thats just one more reason we are able to better help our buyers save thousands. We spend the time necessary to determine our clients needs for Asheville Real Estate and then we go after it hard for maximum savings. Buying Asheville Real Estate is made easy when you choose Green Mountain Realty as your Asheville Realtors and buyers agents.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Choose Green Mountain Realty for Asheville Real Estate

      The Asheville arts scene is wonderful here and many enjoy strolling through the downtown areas on weekends to look at art after dining in some of our great downtown eateries. Asheville has a very healthy vibe with all of the local organic tail gate markets and the green building scene that is alive and flourishing here. We are also known for many things like our local brew pubs, sustainable living climate, the Biltmore Estate and of course the famed Grove Park Inn. Come take a vacation to Asheville and let us show you some bargains on available Asheville Real Estate or Asheville luxury homes while here to determine if Asheville is for you. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for Asheville Real Estate, homes, condos and land.

      Reasons to Buy Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homes

      There are plenty of great reasons to buy Asheville real estate and Asheville homes here in these mountains of Western North Carolina. Bargains can be found everywhere these days on Asheville homes and Asheville real estate. Asheville homes with gorgeous mountain views are more affordable than ever. I personally love the soothing effect that these mountains have on me during early morning drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Some mornings I will drive south on the parkway and go all the way up to Mt. Pisgah which is only around 30 minutes from Asheville. I stop along the way at the many overlook areas and vistas to admire the beauty and serenity of this area. Sometimes I have lunch or dinner at the Pisgah Inn which has some of the best long range views this Realtor has ever witnessed. Driving North and travelling a little further will take to me Mt. Mitchell which is the highest point this side of the Mississippi and is at an elevation of almost 7000 feet.

      Is Buying Asheville Real Estate in Your Future?

      Another favorite pastime of mine on sunny days is to just park and walk around in the downtown Asheville area. There are so many great restaurants, art galleries and shops to explore that this can easily take a whole afternoon in which you may only explore part of our great downtown area. Pack Square is great to stop, take a seat and people watch or perhaps read a book on those lazy afternoons. Enjoy some of the best cuisine in our many local downtown eateries. Asheville is a very Eco and health conscious city and this will become evident by the abundance of home grown food and offerings in our cafes and diners. The prices on Asheville real estate is considered affordable by many that relocate here and you will not be disappointed by the styling and architecture of the mountain style Asheville homes for sale here.
      Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homes

      Reasons to Buy Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homes

      Quality Asheville Homes for Less than You Think

      Many Asheville home buyers are ecstatic when they realize that Asheville real estate and Asheville homes are so affordable versus other areas of the country that are considered to be top rated places. Asheville offers a lifestyle that includes arts, culture, beauty, sustainability and mountain scenery. Our Asheville real estate firm takes great pride in helping new clients to the area find high quality Asheville homes for less. By being local developers, contractors and Realtors we know more about the real estate market and thus know how to save our buyers much more. Give our Asheville real estate firm a try and you will love us. Call Green Mountain Realty for bargains on Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homes.

      Save on Asheville Homes, Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Cabins

      Save on Asheville homes, Asheville real estate and Asheville cabins when you choose Green Mountain Realty as your Realtor. The current real estate market has home prices all over the map as far as price goes and it is so very important to choose a Realtor like our firm that understands the local Asheville real estate market so that you are not trying to buy over priced Asheville homes that will never appraise out. We are mainly a buyers agent type Realtor, but rest assured if we were taking listings that we would require sellers to get a current appraisal because we see many sellers trying to sell their Asheville homes for prices that are above the current market. The same can be said for asking prices we see on Asheville cabins here.

      Helping Clients Identify Better Deals on Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate

      A buyers time and resources can be wasted if you pursue Asheville homes and Asheville real estate that is grossly over priced. Let us give some specific examples of what can happen if a Realtor or buyers agent is not well versed in the Asheville real estate market. Say for example you find a lovely home for $200K, you put it under contract and after spending $500 for a home inspection and about the same amount for an appraisal you find out the home only appraises for $180K and your lender will then only lend on a percentage of the full appraised price. You cannot now buy the home unless you have the additional $20K to make up the deficiency because the home appraised too low. If you back out of the contract during the due diligence period you will lose your due diligence money and only get your earnest money back, and you will have probably have wasted about $1000 of your own money on inspections and appraisals for a home you will never own. Asheville cabins that are on large lots can especially have this problem since land is depressed more than the physical structure in many cases these days.
      Save on Asheville Homes, Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Cabins

      We Save Clients Money on Asheville Homes, Real Estate and Cabins

      Making Sure You Do Not Buy Over Priced Homes, Real Estate or Asheville Cabins

      Needless to say a buyer would be upset in this scenario and that is just why we do the research to make almost certain that the Asheville homes, Asheville real estate and Asheville cabins that we recommend to clients will appraise out in this rather unusual market. We are a heads above the rest due to the fact we are local developers, builders and the most experienced Realtors available and have our hand on the pulse of Asheville homes and Asheville real estate. When our buyers tell us to find them the best Asheville homes at the best prices we do just that and they can rest a little easier knowing that if their debt ratio, income levels and credit scores are in order that the homes we recommend will probably appraise for more than they are paying with our help of course. We especially enjoy saving clients money on those Asheville cabins that will serve as weekend getaways here. Call Green Mountain Realty for Asheville homes, Asheville real estate or Asheville cabins.

      Finding The Best Asheville Real Estate

      Lets talk about how the process works for clients that are finding the best Asheville real estate here in the area for less and then getting the better homes. When a client calls us about Asheville real estate we first ask them if they truly want the highest quality and best Asheville homes here at the best prices. If their answer is yes we then explain our process that saves clients thousands in all cases. First we must explain the listing brokers who take listings are working for the seller, so buyers will almost always pay full list price if they are trying to negotiate directly with the listing agent. This is mistake number one with most uneducated buyers trying to get deals on Asheville real estate here.

      Asheville Real Estate for Less If We Are Your Realtor

      Savvy buyers will always pick a top shelf Realtor like us to serve as their dedicated buyers agent. We charge buyers nothing since our commissions come from the seller in all cases per an agreement in the mls system. Basically, if a buyer deals directly with a listing broker, the listing broker gets to keep a double commission rather that splitting it with the buyer broker which is us in this case. So if we cost a buyer nothing, and have the tools to save you thousands on homes why would you ever want to run to the listing broker? Once again, smart buyers that are buying homes or Asheville real estate will always choose a buyers agent when they understand the facts.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Finding The Best Asheville Real Estate for Less

      Always Get a Buyers Agent for Asheville Real Estate

      Never go it alone when spending serious money on Asheville real estate. Always get a dedicated buyers broker that understands the market and knows how to save you money. Our specialty is being the best buyers broker in the area and we rarely even take listings for Asheville real estate. Know the rules when buying Asheville real estate or you will pay list price for homes when you could have probably bought them for thousands less with us by your side. Call Green Mountain Realty at 828.215.9064 for Asheville homes, cabins, condos or any other type of Asheville real estate that you wish to buy at great prices.

      Are Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate Over Priced?

      Do you think that Asheville homes and Asheville real estate is still overpriced in this current economy? Yes, here at Green Mountain Realty we do believe that most buyers are still asking too much for their Asheville homes and Asheville real estate. This is a buyers market like we will probably never see again and with Asheville still getting rated in the top places to live we think smart buyers should call our firm today and let us go to work for you to help you save the thousands. We are the smart buyers Realtor and we save our smart buyers thousands.

      Do Not Pay Too Much for Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate

      The principals at our firm work one on one with buyers and we understand Asheville homes and Asheville real estate which is why our success rate at saving clients more as their dedicated buyers agent is perfect at this point. We research the market and show our clients the best of the best. We are not the brokers that have a few over priced listings and purely concentrate at selling our own listings for larger commissions. We are the brokers that show buyers all Asheville homes and all Asheville real estate so that our buyers get the best deals possible.
      Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate

      We Save Buyers More on Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate

      The Smart Buyers Realtor for Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate

      When we finish closing a sale our buyers are so happy with the money they save that they rush and tell the world of the great job we have done for them. Buying Asheville homes and Asheville real estate is easy if you choose our agency. We walk novice and experienced buyers alike through the home buying process here in the Area. Your savings on Asheville homes and Asheville real estate is UN matched when you use us. Smart buyers never run to the listing broker who is actually working for the seller of the home. Get an experienced Realtor like us to serve you as your dedicated buyers agent. We charge clients nothing and save them thousands. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for Asheville homes and Asheville real estate.

      Real Estate Asheville Style for Less

      Real Estate Asheville style for less is what every buyer dreams about here in these mountains. Have you been searching for Real Estate Asheville style for much less that here in the area? Without Green Mountain Realty serving as youre your buyers agent and broker you will probably not get that special Real Estate Asheville style for less for many reasons.

      Spending Less for Real Estate Asheville

      So why do many buyers spend thousands too much on Real Estate Asheville area and beyond? Most buyers do not understand that the listing agent is always working for the seller. When you have a Realtor that serves as your exclusive agent and broker you are then able to find our more about the property, what other properties around the property are worth and how to determine what you should offer for Real Estate Asheville here in the mountains.
      Real Estate Asheville

      Buy Asheville Real Estate for Less

      Buying Real Estate Asheville for less is Easy

      Buying Real Estate Asheville style for less is an easy matter if you choose our firm as your team mate. As local builders, developers and agents we know to pick a property apart and supply our buyers with the information they need to buy it for less. Quit running to the listing brokers and paying full price for homes and Real Estate Asheville and in the surrounding mountains. Call Green Mountain Realty for all of your mountain homes and Real Estate Asheville style today.

      Asheville Real Estate in The Mountains

      Asheville real estate in the mountains is spectacular. Buyers are finding that Asheville real estate is more affordable than ever and many homes and Asheville real estate offerings can be purchased for less than replacement costs. We get excited every time the phone rings with a new buyer wanting to look at mountain property in the greater Asheville area. The Blue Ridge Mountains cast a magical web over the properties and homes here. Many feel that Asheville real estate is a bargain compared to less majestic areas of the country where homes are sold.

      Asheville Real Estate for New Beginnings

      Many people move to the Asheville area and buy Asheville real estate to make a new start in life. When we hear these stories about buyers choosing Asheville for that new start we can relate. There is a special vibe about Asheville and it is hard to describe to people that have not visited here. Let us take you on a tour of the area and show you some Asheville real estate today. We like to spend time with our clients to first understand the price range and types of homes or properties our buyers want. There are so many options in the Asheville real estate market that we will surely find you that special home.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Asheville Real Estate in The Mountains is Spectacular

      Asheville Real Estate for the Mountains

      The mountains are gorgeous here so its easy to see why so many choose to buy that Asheville real estate tucked away in these mountains. Mountain views can be relaxing as you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night. There are so many great mountains and areas here to find that special Asheville real estate that choices may be tough since good deals are everywhere these days it seems. Once again, we recommend that you work with a qualified Realtor like our firm when searching for the best Asheville real estate at the best possible prices. Call Green Mountain Realty today for Asheville NC Realty and Asheville real estate or homes in the area.