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      Asheville Homes

      Current Availability of Asheville Homes and Land

      The current numbers for available Asheville homes and land parcels is great. As of this writing there are a total of 907 active listings for Asheville homes and 520 active listings for land here in the Asheville area. Of the 907 Asheville homes almost 600 of those are in the under $300,000 price range which validates that Asheville is affordable when it comes to housing and real estate. While Asheville continues to be popular for many reasons it is still a great area to relocate to because of the many affordable homes and mild climate that we have in these beautiful mountains.

      Affordable Homes and Land in Asheville

      We find that Asheville landprices are also considered affordable when compared to other top mountain destinations across the country. As local developers, builders and Realtors we can guide clients on land purchases if building that dream mountain home is in your future. There are some fantastic bargains in the market these days when you compare some of the deals on foreclosures, short sales, and Asheville homes being sold by very motivated sellers. It is truly a buyers market with many homes in Asheville being sold below replacement cost. We consider ourselves to be a cut above here at Green Mountain Realty and our success rate on finding our buyers the better homes at the better prices is perfect.
      Asheville Homes

      The Current Inventory for Asheville Homes and Land

      Spend Some Time in Asheville to Learn More

      If you have not come to the Asheville area yet and spent time we suggest that as a first step before just randomly shopping for homes on the internet. Come to Asheville and make an appointment with us, let us give you insight into the Asheville and surrounding areas. We feel it is so important to know the area before you can make that decision of where you want to buy a home. We offer a systematic approach to finding and buying Asheville homes and land. Let Green Mountain Realty show you what this area has to offer, and then let us show you the better available Asheville homes at the better prices, call us today.

      Luxury Asheville Homes are Abundant in Gated Communities

      We cater to clients that are looking for Asheville Homes here in these beautiful mountains. Many buyers of Asheville Homes this year will want to purchase luxury properties in some of our gated communities. With so many gated communities to choose from here in the greater Asheville area you will have many solid choices for Asheville Homes? Let us take you out and show you some of our favorite gated communities today and the many choices we have within those communities for luxury Asheville Homes.

      Great Choices for Asheville Homes

      We particularly like the Cliffs at Walnut Cove when it comes to showing clients Asheville Luxury Homes. The Cliffs is a high end gated luxury community that offers a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, a state of the art wellness center and other amenities like miles of walking trails and a club village complete with restaurant and bar. The Ramble is another favorite that is closer to downtown Asheville and offers luxury homes in a forest like setting complete with park, walking trails and their upscale fitness center within the gated development. Another suggestion that we always make to buyers of Asheville Homes is to take a look at Poplar Ridge.
      Asheville Homes

      Luxury Homes in Asheville Gated Communities

      Great Selection of Asheville Gated Communities

      With so many choices for Asheville gated communities you may have a tough time making that final decision and thats where we always come into play. As local Realtors that deal with high end and luxury real estate we are able to offer buyers a better insight into these local Asheville communities. We help guide our clients so they can make the best decisions relative to buying Asheville Homes and luxury real estate here in the Asheville area. If you are trying to find and identify the best Asheville Homes located in some of our best gated communities then please give us a call today.

      Choose Asheville Homes and Real Estate for Our Mild Climate

      So just why do many choose Asheville Homes and Real Estate as a top choice when considering a move? Our mild year round climate and beautiful scenery guide many buyers to this area for Asheville Homes or Asheville area Real Estate. Our yearly average for rainfall is only 37 inches and the U.S. national average is 36. We only average about 14 inches of yearly snowfall while the U.S. average is 25. Buyers of homes and real estate in the Asheville area are able to enjoy the mountain scenery more and outdoor activities year round due to our great weather patterns. Is now the time for you to consider buying that special Asheville Home or Asheville area Real Estate?

      Buying Asheville Real Estate for the Climate

      With so many great opportunities in the Asheville Real Estatemarket many buyers are taking advantage of both better deals in the current market and low finance rates, will you this year? So what do many buyers do on weekends here in the area once they make the move? The Blue Ridge Parkway and our hiking trails that literally go from these mountains to the seas captivate many on weekends here. Whether you just want to take a drive for a nice picnic, or do that marathon hike, you will certainly be pleased by what these mountains have to offer you. The current selection of Asheville Homes is wonderful and we love guiding clients to the best deals in the area.
      Asheville Homes

      Choose Asheville Homes for the Climate

      Many work from Asheville Homes

      We urge you to take a complete look at the Asheville climate when considering a move and the numbers do not lie. Another reason many buy Asheville Homes and Real Estate is due to the fact that we continue to get rated as a top ten destination for work, play or retirement. Many people work from their homes these days so why not consider Asheville Homes for your new work place when planning that long term relocation plan. Give our team a call today to review local offerings in the Asheville Real Estate market and to get some showings on Asheville Homes, youll be glad you did.

      Finding a Realtor for Asheville Real Estate

      Choosing a Realtor for Asheville Real Estate purchases is not as hard as you may think. When buying Asheville Real Estate there is just so much to know and so many ways that you can save money so by choosing the best Realtor for your needs the process is made easier. Clients are usually ecstatic when they find Green Mountain Realty for many reasons. We are a team of full time Realtors that specialize in all types of Asheville Real Estate and are always willing to go that extra mile to help our buyers find the better properties for less money.

      Finding Better Deals on Asheville Real Estate

      We are also very good at arming our clients with the market information necessary on Asheville Homesso they can negotiate the best deals possible when making that offer. Buying Asheville Real Estate is a process and we walk our buyers through every step. It all starts with visiting the local lender and getting pre-approved for a loan. We work with just about all of the local Asheville banks and lenders and make recommendations so that our buyers are not searching out information on the web all day. Understanding the Asheville Real Estate market and prices is key to saving money and getting better deals so we provide an in depth education to buyers.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Choosing a Realtor for Asheville Real Estate

      You Need a Realtor to Save More

      As a licensed Realtor and real estate professional here in Asheville we have access to information that buyers will not have access to and this alone is probably the number one reason to work with a Realtor when purchasing Asheville Real Estate and homes if you expect to get the best for less. Throw in the fact that we are also licensed luxury home builders at our firm and you have a winning situation. Call us today at Green Mountain Realty here in beautiful Asheville at 828.215.9064 for homes, condos, land and the best in Asheville Real Estate for less.

      Understanding the Asheville Real Estate Market and Real Estate Pricing

      Understanding the Asheville Real Estate market and how homes are priced can be tricky so you will probably want to hire a qualified Realtor when you start looking for homes in the area. As local Asheville Real Estate professionals with their hand on the pulse of the market we are always excited when new clients contact us for the best in area real estate. Let us help you with area homes, land and luxury real estate purchases in the greater Asheville area. We work hard to find ways to save our clients money and its obvious when you sit down for that first meeting.

      Finding the best Asheville Real Estate

      We have more tools at our disposal and therefore have more ways to identify properties that are better deals when it comes to Asheville Homesand the best in Asheville Real Estate. We set up custom searches for our clients so that they get daily emails if new properties get listed that meet their needs and criteria. We make shopping for Asheville Real Estate easy but that is only half of the process. Once buyers find those homes that most interest them then we really go to work to search tax values and area comparables to make sure that our clients are making offers that are obtainable and reasonable. We feel that most homes are overpriced and therefore help our clients identify how much the home is really worth prior to making that offer.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Understanding Asheville Real Estate Pricing

      Understanding Asheville Real Estate Pricing

      Understanding real estate pricing is tough and it is always advisable to hire a Realtor that knows more about the market and how to save money. Let our team help you find the great deals on Asheville Real Estate that you have always dreamed of. We are here to help so please give us a call when it is time to look for those special homes in the Asheville area. See Green Mountain Realty today for land, condos, homes and Asheville Real Estate. Saving buyers money is what we do and we enjoy our work so let us lead the charge when looking for area real estate.

      Asheville Real Estate and Homes near The Parkway

      Asheville Real Estate and homes near the Blue Ridge Parkway are what many buyers seek when they move to the mountains here. There are so many wonderful and affordable Asheville homes and Asheville Real Estate offerings near the entrances to the Blue Ridge Parkway here that we hardly know where to begin. We personally like Biltmore Forest since it backs up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and is conveniently located close to everything that buyers of real estate seek here in the Asheville area.

      Asheville Homes in a Master Planned Community

      Another fantastic master planned community that is most sought after for Asheville Homeswhich butts up to the parkway is The Ramble. Buyers of Asheville Real Estate in the Ramble will enjoy European architecture with style and pizzazz. The Ramble is great with its many walking trails and community wellness center to name just a few of its amenities. Biltmore Park is another huge development that is also just a stones throw from the Blue Ridge Parkway and is most popular with families of all sizes due to its great location right next to the schools.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Asheville Real Estate near The Blue Ridge Parkway

      Affordable Asheville Real Estate near The Parkway

      Buying Asheville Real Estate seconds from the Blue Ridge Parkway has never been easier or more affordable in our opinion than right now. Interest rates continue to hover around 4 percent and with so many motivated sellers there are Asheville Real Estate deals to be had in almost all price ranges here. Green Mountain Realty is a leader in the Luxury Real Estate market here for many reasons and we make it a point to cater to our buyers. Call the Asheville Real Estate professionals at Green Mountain Realty today for homes, condos, land and real estate of all types here in the greater Asheville area.

      Spring is Asheville Real Estate Home Buying Season

      Asheville Real Estate sales always pick up during spring and the phone is already ringing these days with many buyers wanting to take advantage of the great deals here on mountain homes and real estate. We find that many buyers typically shop for Asheville Real Estate starting in March and continuing on through the summer months so that they can buy that home and get moved in prior to school starting back. It has been our personal experience that sales drop off during the fall and winter months, but of course pick back up in spring and summer.

      Better Deals on Homes and Asheville Real Estate

      Many professional Realtors like us here at Green Mountain Realty will get busy working with those serious clients searching for the better deals on Asheville Homesand real estate. We urge buyers to identify who their Realtor is going to be early on so that when things get busy they will already be ahead of the pack when it comes to finding the best area homes and real estate at the best prices. We personally choose to only work with a limited amount of clients on an ongoing basis since we spend more time with our clients to assure that their home buying experience is everything that they had expected and more.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Spring is Asheville Real Estate buying Season

      Making Home Buying Easy in Asheville

      Home buying in the Asheville area is easy when you choose our firm. We educate our clients our market conditions, financing, area comps, home tax values, motivation level of area sellers and the critical components of buying a home that will put our clients in a better position to negotiate. We enjoy helping our clients save money since referral business is key to our livelihood. When shopping for Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate please consider working with a boutique firm like ours that can save you more. Let Green Mountain Realty be your full service Realtor of choice here in the greater Asheville area. Call us today at 828.215.9064.

      Asheville Real Estate and Real Estate Agents

      There are many things to understand about buying Asheville Real Estate, real estate agents and NC real estate agency. We help explain to clients the rules so that they can save the most on their Asheville Real Estate purchases while getting the better homes. Real Estate Agents can be either working for the seller as a listing broker, the buyer as a buyers broker perhaps both in the case of dual agency. We prefer to work with buyers as buyers agents or buyers brokers since we are a cut above when it comes to saving buyers more on real estate in Asheville.

      Asheville Real Estate Agents that Care

      Many novice buyers will want to rush to the listing broker when looking for Asheville Homeshere in the mountains, but remember, the listing broker is always working for the seller and trying to get their seller the most for their home. Get a Realtor that works for you when you are trying to save the most on that Asheville Real Estate. It is our opinion that we are the best when it comes to helping buyers find the best area homes and real estate here in greater Asheville.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Asheville Real Estate Agents That Save Clients More

      Get an Experienced Realtor

      All real estate agents are not created equal and this scenario is no different from choosing a doctor or auto mechanic. Do your homework and make sure your Realtor has a proven track record like us. We show clients the best of all homes and Asheville Real Estate, not just a few of our own listings that will yield us a double commission. By getting a Realtor like us to serve as your buyers agent you are certain to get the best representation as it relates to real estate agency. Call Green Mountain Realty at (828)-215-9064 for Asheville Real Estate and homes.

      Asheville Real Estate Property Search and Information

      We are the site when searching for more Asheville Real Estate and Properties. Our site also has a wealth of Asheville Real Estate information. Our team has spent considerable hours in setting up this informative and expansive site that showcases all types of homes and properties by their respective categories. Are you searching for luxury homes today? We have many categories set up that show users Asheville Luxury Homes in both the over $500K range as well as hundreds of affordable homes in the under $500K range.

      Searching for Asheville Real Estate is Easy

      We make searching for all types of Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homesa simple process. When buyers come to our site we know that their time is valuable so we give them one click searches so that they can view specific types of homes in a timely fashion. Our site statistics show that many clients are able to view the homes they want and save to their personal folders in less than ten minutes. We further streamline the Asheville Real Estate buying process when clients personally contact us and start working with us one on one to zero in on their homes.
      Asheville Real Estate

      Offering Clients Easier Asheville Real Estate Property Searches

      Helping Buyers of Asheville Homes after Closing

      We try to offer our buyers more resources and Asheville information so that finding the perfect Asheville Real Estate is easier and quicker. Our clients love our firm so much that by the time we finish helping them buy homes and properties we have usually become great friends them. By also being local licensed building contractors we are able to refer clients to the best sub contractors in the area when they need services relative to their homes after moving in. The Asheville Real Estate relationship does not end with our clients at closing; we have repeat business due to the fact that we offer more and provide more to our trusted clients. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for Asheville Real Estate, homes, condos and land.

      Asheville Real Estate and Advice on Asheville Homes

      Asheville Real Estate showings and advice on Asheville Homes is available 7 days a week when you work with the professionals at Green Mountain Realty. We are considered to be experts in the area of Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homes since our career spans over twenty years here in the Asheville area as local developers, custom home builders and some of the most experienced Asheville Real Estate brokers in the business here. Let us start working with you today and show you our secrets for saving our clients thousands on area homes and real estate. Buying Asheville Real Estate will be exciting and a joy when you let us guide you through the maze of homes here.

      Do You Understand the Asheville Real Estate market?

      Many people try to shop on the internet these days, thinking they can do it all and find their own bargains in the Asheville Real Estate market. We know this is rarely the case and many of the Asheville Homes will have little appeal when you do that initial drive by on them, as you will either hate the location, the home, the lack of parking, or perhaps the barking dogs next door. We know the Asheville area like the back of our hand and we guide clients depending on their specific needs for types of homes or location and amenities. We also sort through hundreds of area Asheville Homes to show our clients the best of the best. We do not merely show clients our listings with the hopes of selling an in house listing for a double commission.
      Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homes

      Saving Clients Thousands on Asheville Real Estate

      The Best Asheville Homes at the Best Prices

      By working with Green Mountain Realty when looking for Asheville Real Estate you will be certain to see the best Asheville Homes at the best prices. Out track record is perfect when it comes to client satisfaction and we really take pride in knowing that we are considered by many to be the best Realtors in our market. Call the brokers at Green Mountain Realty today if you are searching for the best of the best in Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Homes. Take the time to come and explore Asheville and then give us a call for showings.