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      Save on Asheville Homes, Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Cabins

      Save on Asheville homes, Asheville real estate and Asheville cabins when you choose Green Mountain Realty as your Realtor. The current real estate market has home prices all over the map as far as price goes and it is so very important to choose a Realtor like our firm that understands the local Asheville real estate market so that you are not trying to buy over priced Asheville homes that will never appraise out. We are mainly a buyers agent type Realtor, but rest assured if we were taking listings that we would require sellers to get a current appraisal because we see many sellers trying to sell their Asheville homes for prices that are above the current market. The same can be said for asking prices we see on Asheville cabins here.

      Helping Clients Identify Better Deals on Asheville Homes and Asheville Real Estate

      A buyers time and resources can be wasted if you pursue Asheville homes and Asheville real estate that is grossly over priced. Let us give some specific examples of what can happen if a Realtor or buyers agent is not well versed in the Asheville real estate market. Say for example you find a lovely home for $200K, you put it under contract and after spending $500 for a home inspection and about the same amount for an appraisal you find out the home only appraises for $180K and your lender will then only lend on a percentage of the full appraised price. You cannot now buy the home unless you have the additional $20K to make up the deficiency because the home appraised too low. If you back out of the contract during the due diligence period you will lose your due diligence money and only get your earnest money back, and you will have probably have wasted about $1000 of your own money on inspections and appraisals for a home you will never own. Asheville cabins that are on large lots can especially have this problem since land is depressed more than the physical structure in many cases these days.
      Save on Asheville Homes, Asheville Real Estate and Asheville Cabins

      We Save Clients Money on Asheville Homes, Real Estate and Cabins

      Making Sure You Do Not Buy Over Priced Homes, Real Estate or Asheville Cabins

      Needless to say a buyer would be upset in this scenario and that is just why we do the research to make almost certain that the Asheville homes, Asheville real estate and Asheville cabins that we recommend to clients will appraise out in this rather unusual market. We are a heads above the rest due to the fact we are local developers, builders and the most experienced Realtors available and have our hand on the pulse of Asheville homes and Asheville real estate. When our buyers tell us to find them the best Asheville homes at the best prices we do just that and they can rest a little easier knowing that if their debt ratio, income levels and credit scores are in order that the homes we recommend will probably appraise for more than they are paying with our help of course. We especially enjoy saving clients money on those Asheville cabins that will serve as weekend getaways here. Call Green Mountain Realty for Asheville homes, Asheville real estate or Asheville cabins.