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      Energy Efficient Green Homes

      Energy efficient green homes are what people are talking about these days in Asheville NC. So why are people asking more questions about Eco friendly green homes these days and then rushing out to buy them in the Asheville North Carolina area? New EPA rules were set into place this tear and carbon emission levels will have to be decreased over the next twenty years so energy prices will be going up as a result of these new regulations. More and more home buyers are understanding that green homes are usually higher quality homes that are built to exceed Energy Star standards and are therefore both energy efficient homes and healthier homes to live in.

      Asheville NC Eco Friendly Energy Efficient Green Homes

      Energy star homes by their nature have to be at least 15% more energy efficient than a code built home and many are more like 30% more energy efficient when actually tested. So what makes these energy efficient green homes so Eco friendly and so energy efficient? Green homes usually utilize advanced framing techniques that will allow them to be better sealed and insulated, thus making them more energy efficient. In this area most energy efficient green homes will be built using 2 x 6 walls so that a minimum of R-19 insulation can be used in the wall cavities. Some green homes will also have energy efficient sealed crawl spaces and conditioned or sealed attic spaces also. Extending the homes insulated envelope to include all of your mechanical systems is always a goods idea for energy efficiency.Asheville NC Eco Friendly Energy Efficient Green Homes
      Energy efficient green homes will have a host of Energy Star rated appliances and electrical devices to save energy. Higher efficiency heating and cooling systems will also be designed into the home construction along with perhaps a heat recovery ventilator. Energy Star homes will require a host of things including more energy efficient doors, windows, lighting, insulation, sealing, ventilation and items that deal with the homes indoor air quality. Eco friendly green homes are built to last longer, require less maintenance, be more energy efficient and of course healthier to live in on a daily basis. Call Green Mountain Realty today at 828.215.9064 for energy efficient green homes, land, condos or real estate here in the greater Asheville NC area.

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      Why Green Home Real Estate

      Why Choose An Eco Friendly Home?

      • Higher Quality of Construction
      • More Energy efficient
      • Better for The Environment
      • Low Maintenance
      • Healthier – Better Indoor Air Quality Using Low VOC Materials
      • Higher Resale Value

      Green built homes are higher quality, more energy efficient and sell quicker. New home buyers are slowly getting an education on why green built homes are better, sell quicker and for more money than those built in more traditional age old manners.

      Green Homes: More Comfort, Lower Costs

      Eco friendly green built homes are not only more comfortable to live in with much lower energy bills, they also have healthier indoor air quality for their occupants by utilizing less carcinogenic building materials, require less ongoing maintenance, and usually are built to last lifetimes. Asheville NC has been a leading producer of green built and certified homes. Green Mountain Realty is a leader as a certified green building contractor and eco green home realtor.

      Tour Green Homes in Asheville NC

      Contact Green Mountain Realty or call 828.215.9064 for a tour of green, eco-friendly homes in Asheville NC.

      Asheville NC Eco Friendly Green Homes and Real Estate

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